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justfun16 (Knitted socks ** )

Knitted Socks

A husband and wife had been married for 65 wonderful years.  During all those years, the wife had kept a shoebox in her closet and had told her husband never to look inside it.  He had honored her request for all those years.  Finally one day she told her husband it was time for him to learn the secret of the shoebox.  She retrieved the box out of her closet and opened it.  Inside the husband saw one pair of knitted baby socks, a pair of knitting needles, and, to his great  amazement, over $60,000 in cash.  He was speechless.  The wife began her explanation by telling her husband that on the day they were married, she received one word of advice from her mother. Her mother had counseled her thusly: “Whenever your husband does something that angers or upsets you, immediately walk away and start knitting a pair of baby socks. This will give you time to calm down, to think carefully, and to avoid conflicts.”  The wife went on to tell her husband that she had followed her mother’s advice for all of their married years.  The husband was so honored and happy to think that in 65 years of married life, his wife had only had to knit one pair of baby socks.  He said to his wife, “Sweetheart, I am so happy to hear this story.  Your story explains the one pair of socks, but what about the $60,000 in the box?”  She answered, “That is the money I have earned by selling my knitted socks over the years!”

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