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justfun14th (Fourteenth Article of Faith ** )

The Fourteenth Article of Faith

What??  I thought there were only 13 Articles of Faith!  With tongue-in-cheek, Mary Ellen Edmunds, a popular speaker in the Utah County area, would have you consider otherwise:

ARTICLE OF FAITH #14 — “We believe in meetings.  We believe in all meetings that have been held, all meetings that are currently being held, and we believe that there will yet be held many great and important meetings pertaining to the kingdom on God.  We have endured many meetings, are currently enduring this meeting, and hope to be able to endure all meetings. If there is anything that resembles a meeting, anything that lasts as long as a meeting, or anything that could easily be converted into a meeting, we seek after these things.  We believe that if a short meeting is great, then a long meeting must be that much greater.

Sister Edmunds is also fond of stating that her basement if full of “matter unorganized”, and she loves to refer to the Topical Guide in the scriptures as the “Tropical Guide”.

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