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Sarah Palin

This article was taken from the Glenn Beck website.  I include it not to make a political statement, but to encourage Christian charity.  To those who might be offended by this article, I apologize.

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January 19, 2011

Why the Left Hates Sarah Palin, by Robin of Berkeley

When I was ten years old, I participated in an act of unadulterated group evil. It happened at a sleep-away camp in the Catskill Mountains. Starting in third grade, I was shipped off to this summer camp for three months at a time. Although I was in no way ready to be so far from home, my parents wanted the summers free and
clear — so I was whisked away, like hundreds of other Camp Tawonga kids. I lived in a bunk with a gaggle of other girls, with two teenagers to oversee us. Since our counselors were more absorbed in the male staff than in us, we girls had the run of the house.  One day, my bunkmates decided to punish Barbara, a popular and confident child. The masterminds held Barb down while a few others stripped off her clothes. Barbara struggled and screamed as the rest of us watched, transfixed. The details are blessedly murky, but they involve mocking Barbara and grabbing at her body. Although I wasn’t a major player, I also did nothing to stop the madness, which shames me to this day. I even recall feeling a strange, wicked thrill surging through my body. Now that I analyze it, it was the maniacal power of sadism — and evil.

I’ve always wondered why Barbara was chosen to be tortured and not a nerdy girl instead. But after beholding the horrible treatment of Sarah Palin, I finally understand: Barb was a sweet and happy and innocent child. The leaders of the pack wanted to knock her down from her high horse.

My mind flashed to this awful memory after hearing that Palin was being scapegoated for the Tucson Massacre. Palin has been a target of the left’s wrath from the moment she was nominated for vice president. Many conservatives have tried to explain why.  Some say it’s jealousy, which is true; Palin is a lovely woman with a
handsome husband. She’s also a self-made woman; Palin has risen to power on her own, without the coattails of husband or father.  Some conservatives believe that the hatred is a result of brainwashing; this is true, as well. Liberals respond robotically, like Pavlov’s dogs, whenever Palin’s name is uttered.  But there’s a darker reason for the abject hatred of Palin, and the clues can be found in that Catskill Mountains bunk. Evil can manifest itself when people project their own badness and shame onto another.

People on the left hate Palin for one simple reason: because she is everything they are not. She is their polar opposite because her life journey has diverged from the prescribed liberal path.  Palin was raised to be self-sufficient and independent since “idle hands are the devil’s tools.” Little Sarah was up at the crack of dawn,
hunting with her dad; in sharp contrast, liberal kids like me were still fast asleep. Palin didn’t have life handed to her on a silver platter, like so many in the ruling class. Instead, Sarah balanced school, chores, jobs, and sports. While liberal girls like me were glued to the boob tube, Sarah had no time for sloth.

Palin attended church with her family on Sundays. On Sunday morning, young liberals like me were recovering from Saturday night.  From her devout Christian upbringing, Sarah learned to be a good girl. In contrast, I learned everything I needed to know about how to be a modern girl from the monthly Playboy Magazine, which was conspicuously displayed on our living room table.

Sarah dated and then married her high school sweetheart; I learned that my body was a commodity that I “owned.” And I could use my body — and allow it to be used — to temporarily still the pangs of loneliness. There’s a lyric from a Matt Maher song that always moves me to tears. It’s when he cries out to God: “Where were you when sin stole my innocence?”

When I hear these words, an unspeakable pain cuts through me. I feel the ache of something stolen from me — something precious, never quite recovered. And there are countless others out there, similarly robbed, though they have no idea what has gone missing.

And then, out of the blue, Sarah Palin, like a majestic bird in flight, swooped onto the scene of a depraved and deprived nation. With her children and grandchild, her religion and her patriotism, Sarah is the antithesis of everything the progressives stand for. Palin is not just pro-life, but she emanates life — and good, clean living.  And what does the left do? They try to drag her through the mud to sully her. The hardcore among them want to eliminate her, even if this means putting her life at risk.

The progressives “joke” about gang-rape, make pornographic movies about her, and leer at her legs. (Would any of this be tolerated against Michelle Obama?)
Palin’s church was torched during the primary, a vicious crime that was hushed up by the MSM. And now, with the smears about Tucson, death threats against Palin have soared.  Yes, leftists attack Palin because they envy her beauty; and true, she’s a political threat. But the main reason for the hatred is something deeper and darker.  Leftists loathe Palin because she has retained something that was stripped from them years ago: a wholesomeness, a purity of heart. People on the left despise Palin because she shines a bright light on their shame and unworthiness, which they try desperately to deny.

The progressives, like that brutal gang of abandoned girls, want to drag Palin down into the gutter with them; they want to spoil her. Of course, their efforts will be futile; Palin is fueled by a Spirit that isn’t simply her own.  The left knows only how to point fingers, and threaten, and menace. Why? They are lost, abandoned children as well; they have shunned the only Force who could wash them clean and bring them home again. Plus they fear her. And this is why we need to get behind her more than ever.

Get tough….

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