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justfun132 (trendy words past their prime ** )

 Trendy words and phrases that are past their prime

Do you use any of these ‘past their prime’ phrases?

Saying “not!” (1) after a statement to indicate that you don’t actually believe it won’t date you in the least. Not! (1)  Phrases like “bling” (2), “talk to the hand” (3), “been there, done that” (4), and “cutting-edge” (5) are so not cutting-edge.  They’ve run their course of ‘decorative hipness’.  Then, after, like (7), totally awesome (8) exposure, they’ve become establishment slang.  It’s a bummer (9), I know, when people mentally add a decade to your age if you use words that have long ago passed their sell-by date (10).  The day my young son visibly cringed when I said a toy was “neat-o” (11) was the day he told me I was past it.  Problem is, many of these “same old, same old” (12) phrases have become indispensable: “diss” (13), dude (14), “my bad” (15) – how could we talk without them?  But be under no illusion that they make you seem “with it” (16). Because believe me, girlfriend (17), you don’t want to go there (18).  — Leslie Savan, Readers’ Digest

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