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justfun110 (Diamonds, knowing them or loving them ** )

Diamonds, knowing them or loving them

Harry Winston once watched on of his salesmen show a beautiful diamond to a rich Dutch merchant.  The customer listened thoughtfully to the expert description, but eventually turned away, saying, “It is truly a wonderful stone, but not exactly what I want.”  Winston stopped the customer on his way out and asked, “Do you mind if I show you that diamond once more?”  The merchant agreed.  Winston took the stone in his hand.  He did not repeat any of the details or facts the first salesman had mentioned.  He simply talked about the stone as an object of transcendent beauty.  Abruptly the customer changed his mind and bought the diamond.  While he was waiting for the stone to be brought to him, he turned to Winston and said, “Why did I buy the gem willingly from you though I had no difficulty saying no to your salesman?”  Winston answered, “That salesman is one of the best men in the business. He knows diamonds, but I love diamonds.” 

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