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justfun100 (Medical definitions ** )

Medical Definitions from the ‘Non-medical’

A few definitions of medical terms from non-medical folks:

Ø   Barium — What the undertaker does to ‘em once the doctors are through with ‘em

Ø   Benign — What a child be after they be eight

Ø   Cauterize — To have gotten noticed by a fine-lookin’ woman

Ø   Cyst — To give someone a helpin‘ hand

Ø   Dilate — It sure beats dyin’ early

Ø   Impotent — High ‘n mighty!

Ø   Node — To have been acquainted with someone in the past

Ø   Pap Smear — To insult or belittle your own daddy

Ø   Pathology — The study of trails and small roads

Ø   Rectum — Crashed ‘em and totaled ‘em

Ø   Tumor — One more than one more

Ø   X-rayed — For adult audiences only!

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