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Hymn jokes – anecdotes from our LDS hymns

Hymn jokes:
  • Favorite hymn of LDS dentists?  Hymn # 166, “Abide With Me”  — verse 2 mentions “change and decay in all around I see…”   Sounds like job security for a dentist.  *
  • Hymn you should sing to a group of sweaty missionaries?  Hymn # 140, “Did You Think to Pray?” — the starting words are “Did you air the room you left this morning?” or something very similar to that.  *
  • Favorite hymn of the LDS congregation that had a chorister named Hope who was very pregnant and soon to deliver her baby?  Hymn # 19, “We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet”  — it contains the words “..there is hope smiling brightly before us, and we know that deliverance is nigh…”
  • Favorite hymn of LDS laundry workers”  Hymn # 243 — “Let Us All Press On” *
  • Favorite hymn of LDS educators?  Hymn # 336 — “School Thy Feelings”  *
  • Favorite hymn of LDS seamstresses?  Hymn # 216 — “We Are Sewing”  *
  • Favorite hymn of LDS construction workers and general contractors?  Hymn # 85 — “How Firm a Foundation”  *
  • Favorite hymn of LDS weight lifters?   Hymn # 243 — “Let Us All Press On”  *
  • Favorite hymn of weary LDS snowplow drivers after a snowy day in Utah?   Hymn # 37 — “The Wintry Day Descending to its Close”  *
  • Favorite hymn of LDS metal workers and welders?  Hymn # 274 —  “The Iron Rod”   **
  • Favorite hymn of LDS air freshener salesmen?   Hymn # 140, “Did You Think to Pray?”, because it contains the words “Did you air the room you left this morning”, or something similar.  *
  • Favorite hymn of LDS weight lifters?  Hymn # 243 — “Let Us All Press On”  *
  • Favorite hymn of LDS lawyers?  Hymn # 122, “Though Deepening Trials Throng Your Way”  *
  • Favorite hymn of LDS bread-makers and pastry chefs?  Hymn # 98, “I Knead Thee Every Hour”  *
  • Favorite hymn of LDS Internal Revenue Service workers?  Hymn # 219, “Because I Have Been Given Much”  *
  • Favorite hymn of LDS candy-makers and confectioners?  Hymn # 147, “Sweet Is My Work”  *

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