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growoth10 (Top Ten LDS Stories ** )

Top Ten LDS Stories of the 20th Century 

Recently, the Church News polled 454 randomly-selected church leaders, teachers, and members concerning the top church-related stories of the 20th century. The results are as follows:

           Top 10 Church-related stories of the 20th Century Church News Poll
                                   1.  The revelation on priesthood, extending the priesthood to all worthy males
                                   2.  Temple building and the proliferation of temples throughout the world
                                   3.  First Presidency proclamations (nature of God, origin of man, the family)
                                   4.  New edition of the scriptures published, new sections in the D&C
                                   5.  Missionary work ("Every member a missionary", "Every young man to serve")
                                   6.  Growth of the church and proliferation of stakes throughout the world
                                   7.  Family history expansion, the use of computers in the work
                                   8.  Technology facilitates the work of the gospel (TV, radio, satellite, etc.)
                                   9.  Quorums of the 70 are created, decentralization of administration
                                   10.  Priesthood correlation (standard curriculum, correlating magazines, etc.)
                                                    (Source: Church Almanac 1999-2000, page 117)


Important church developments in recent years:

  • A focus on ‘ministering’ rather than ‘teaching’.
  • A family-oriented, home-oriented gospel study emphasis.
  • The lowering of the age of full-time missionaries to 18 years (young men) and 19 years (young women).
  • The complete renovation of the Salt Lake Temple.
  • Emphasis on using the complete name of the Church, rather than the common nicknames often used.
  • The change from a 3-hour block of Sunday meetings to a 2-hour block, increasing family time on Sundays.
  • A recent policy change which allows brass instruments to be played in musical numbers in Sacrament meetings, not just stringed instruments.  This decision, however, is based upon the consent and approval of the bishop of the ward.

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