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Gospel basics index

Gospel basics index.  These topics have been presented in the Liahona magazine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

  1. Atonement — Jesus Christ saves us from sin and death  (April 2021)
  2. Baptism — God told us to be baptized  (February 2021)
  3. Book of Mormon — Jesus Christ, Savior and Mediator of Mankind; a vintage pamphlet published by the Church decades ago
  4. Covenants — We are bound to Heavenly Father by sacred covenants  (February 2022)
  5. Fall of Adam and Eve — The Fall was part of God’s plan  (January 2022)
  6. Family History — Family history work helps our ancestors  (December 2021)
  7. Fasting  — Why we fast  (October 2022)
  8. General Conference — The importance of General Conference  (September 2021)
  9. Godhead — What is the Godhead?  (June 2021)
  10. Happiness — Heavenly Father wants us to be happy  (July 2021)
  11. Priesthood —  The Priesthood is God’s power  (August 2021)
  12. Revelation — God speaks to us today  (January 2021)
  13. Sacrament — Jesus asked us to partake of the Sacrament  (March 2021)
  14. Sacrament — A way to remember the Savior  (April 2022)
  15. Serving in Church callings  — Callings give members the chance to serve others and come close to God  (March 2022)
  16. Temple work — The importance of work on both sides of the veil  (October 2021)
  17. Tithing — Why we pay a tenth to the Lord  (December 2022)

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