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genoff (General Officers ** )

                      General Officers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints                                                                                           (The date of setting-apart is listed in the right-hand column)

             General Presidency of the Sunday School

     Paul V Johnson            President           06 Apr 2024
     Chad H Webb               1st Counselor       06 Apr 2024
     Gabriel W Reid            2nd Counselor       06 Jul 2024

               General Presidency of the Young Men
                    Steven J Lund              President           04 Apr 2020
                    Bradley R Wilcox           1st Counselor       01 Apr 2023
                    Michael T Nelson           2nd Counselor       01 Apr 2023

                            General Presidency of the Relief Society
                    Camille N Johnson           President          02 Apr 2022
                    J Anette Dennis             1st Counselor      02 Apr 2022
                    Kristin M Yee               2nd Counselor      02 Apr 2022

                              General Presidency of the Young Women

                    Emily Belle Freeman         President          01 Apr 2023
                    Tamara W Runia              1st Counselor      01 Apr 2023
                    Andrea Muñoz Spannaus       2nd Counselor      01 Apr 2023

                                General Presidency of the Primary

                    Susan H Porter              President          02 Apr 2022
                    Amy Wright                  1st Counselor      02 Apr 2022
                    Tracy Y Browning            2nd Counselor      02 Apr 2022

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