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General Authority ‘averages’ (genaut5 ** )

A Page of General Authority ‘averages’

1. The average tenure in office of our Church Presidents is 11 years and 02 months (this calculation includes all presidents through President Monson).

2. The average tenure of service of our Apostles is 26 years and 08 months (this calculation includes the 93 apostles who have passed away). If the 4 apostles who died prematurely and the 15 apostles who were released from the apostleship are not included in the calculation (see #5 below for their names), the average tenure of service is 30 years 04 months. 

3. The average number of apostles called and set-apart per decade is 5.8, or approximately 6 per decade (1829 through 2016).  This
is equivalent to one new apostle every 1.72 years, or every 1 year 9 months.

4. The average age at death of our Church Presidents is 84 years and 00 months.  If Joseph Smith (who was martyred at a young age) is not included, the average is 87 years and 02 months.

5. The average age of death of our apostles is 76 years and 07 months. (This calculation does not include the four apostles whose
lives were taken prematurely [Joseph Smith, David W. Patten, Hyrum Smith, Parley P. Pratt] nor does it include the 15 apostles who were permanently released from the Quorum of the Twelve before their death [Thomas B. Marsh, William M’Lellin, Luke Johnson, William Smith, John Boynton, Lyman Johnson, John E. Page, Lyman Wight, John W. Young, Albert Carrington, Moses Thatcher, John W. Taylor, Matthias Cowley, Richard R. Lyman]). I also did not include Oliver Cowdery, who was an ordained apostle but not a member of the Twelve, and who lost his apostleship due to apostasy.

6. The average age at the time of being called to the apostleship is 45 years and 6 months.  Interestingly, the average for apostles called in the 19th century (47 apostles) is 33 years and 02 months, the average for apostles called in the twentieth century (53 apostles) is 54 years and 0 months, and the average in the 21st century is 61 years 03 months (8 apostles).

7. The average age of the apostles called during the tenure of each President of the Church is as follows:

                            Average age at time        Number of
          President         of apostolic calls      apostles called
       Joseph Smith       29 years 02 months              22
       Brigham Young      34 years 00 months              13
       John Taylor        35 years 05 months               6
       Wilford Woodruff   39 years 05 months               5
       Lorenzo Snow       39 years 11 months               2
       Joseph F Smith     44 years 03 months              11
       Heber J Grant      54 years 03 months              12
       George Albt Smith  53 years 03 months               3
       David O McKay      59 years 08 months              11
       Joseph Fldg Smith  51 years 01 month                2
       Harold B Lee       57 years 02 months               1
       Spencer W Kimball  57 years 06 months               7
       Ezra Taft Benson   63 years 07 months               3
       Howard W Hunter    53 years 07 months               1
       Gordon B Hinckley  61 years 03 months               4
       Thomas S Monson    61 years 08 months               5 
       Russell M Nelson   62 years 00 months               3  (Elders Gong, Soares, Kearon)   
                                                      Total = 111

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