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frstprsc (Brethren who served as both 1st and 2nd counselor ** )

 Brethren who served as both First & Second Counselor in the First Presidency

The following brethren served as both 1st and 2nd Counselor in the First Presidency during their Church service.  This service could have been during the tenure of just one Church president or more than one Church president.

                                                        Joseph F Smith
                                                        Anthon H Lund
                                                      Charles W Penrose
                                                       Anthony W Ivins
                                                      J Reuben Clark, Jr
                                                        Henry D Moyle
                                                        Hugh B Brown
                                                     Nathan Eldon Tanner
                                                       Marion G Romney
                                                      Gordon B Hinckley
                                                       Thomas S Monson
                                                        Henry B Eyring
Of the twelve brethren listed above that served as both 1st and 2nd Counselor in the First Presidency, 
eight of them served as 1st and 2nd Counselor to the same Church President. These eight are listed below: 
                                         Counselor                Church President
                                      Joseph F Smith                Lorenzo Snow
                                      Anthon H  Lund                Joseph F Smith
                                      Charles W Penrose             Heber J Grant
                                      Anthony W Ivins               Heber J Grant
                                      J Reuben Clark, Jr            Heber J Grant, David O McKay
                                      Henry D Moyle                 David O McKay
                                      Hugh B Brown                  David O McKay
                                      Marion G Romney               Spencer W Kimball

Interesting note: As can be seen above, President J. Reuben Clark, Jr. is the only man who served as 1st and 2nd Counselor to two different Church Presidents!

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