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frstprs3 (longest service in 1st Presidency ** )

 Apostles with the longest tenure of service in the First Presidency

                                         Length of service 
                       Apostle           in the Presidency       Positions held in the 1st Presidency
                   Joseph F Smith       47 years 07 months        Counselor to 1st Presidency              
                                                                  2nd Counselor three times
                                                                  1st Counselor                       
                                                                  President of the Church
                   David O McKay        35 years 03 months        2nd Counselor twice
                                                                  President of the Church
                  Thomas S Monson     32 years 02 months       2nd Counselor
                                                               1st Counselor
                                                               President of the Church

                   Brigham Young        29 years 08 months        President of the Church

                   J Reuben Clark       28 years 06 months        2nd Counselor twice
                                                                  1st Counselor three times

                   Gordon B Hinckley    26 years 06 months        Counselor to the President
                                                                  2nd Counselor
                                                                  1st Counselor twice
                                                                  President of the  Church

                   Heber J Grant        26 years 05 months        President of the Church

                   George Q Cannon      23 years 02 months        Counselor to the President
                                                                  Assistant Counselor to the President  
                                                                  1st Counselor three times

                   Daniel H Wells       20 years 07 months        2nd Counselor

                   Heber C Kimball      20 years 06 months        1st Counselor

                   Anthon H Lund        19 years 04 months        2nd Counselor
                                                                  1st Counselor twice

                   N Eldon Tanner       19 years 02 months        2nd Counselor twice
                                                                  1st Counselor twice

 Other interesting facts:

1. As noted above, J Reuben Clark holds the distinction of having served the longest in the First Presidency without serving as President of the Church.
2. Elder Rudger Clawson holds the distinction of having served the shortest length of time in the First Presidency. Remarkably, he only served for four days. He was 
    sustained as 2nd Counselor to President Lorenzo Snow on October 6, 1901, but President Snow passed away four days later, on October 10, 1901. The First 

    Presidency was dissolved at that time and President Joseph F Smith, the next President of the Church, did not choose Elder Clawson to serve in the First 

3. President Henry B. Eyring began service in the First Presidency on October 6, 2007.  He has served as a counselor to Presidents Hinckley, Monson, and Nelson.
.   On October 6, 2023, he will have served 16 years and 0 months in the First Presidency.

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