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frstprs2 (non-apostle 1st Presidency brethren ** )

 Brethren who have served in the First Presidency without being ordained apostles


                                 Counselor                Position and dates of service

                                Jesse Gause                Counselor to Joseph Smith                                                                                                              08 Mar 1832 to 03 Dec 1832

                               Sidney Rigdon              1st Counselor to Joseph Smith                                                                                                           18 Mar 1833 to 08 Sep 1844  

                               Frederick G Williams       2nd Counselor to Joseph Smith                                                                                                           18 Mar 1833 to 07 Nov 1837 

                               Joseph Smith, Sr           Assistant Counselor to the 1st Presidency                                                                                               03 Sep 1837 to 14 Sep 1840

                               John Smith                 Assistant Counselor to the 1st Presidency                                                                                              03 Sep 1837 to 27 Jun 1844

                               William Law                2nd Counselor to Joseph Smith                                                                            24 Jan 1841 to 18 Apr 1844

                               John C Bennett             Assistant President with the First Presidency                                                                                          08 Apr 1841 to 25 May 1842

                               John R Winder              1st Counselor to Joseph F Smith                                                                                     17 Oct 1901 to 27 Mar 1910

                               Charles W Nibley           2nd Counselor to Heber J Grant                                                                                                          28 May 1925 to 11 Dec 1931

                               Thorpe B Isaacson          Counselor in the 1st Presidency                                                                                                         28 Oct 1965 to 18 Jan 1970 

 * It should also be noted that Elder J. Reuben Clark served as a counselor to President Heber J. Grant from April 6, 1933 to October 6, 1934 as a High Priest. At  that time he was then ordained an apostle and he continued to serve in the First Presidency. 

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