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Resolved White, who came to America on the Mayflower

Resolved was a passenger on the ship, “Mayflower” in 1620 at about 4-5 years old. He traveled with his parents, William and Susanna Jackson White. His father died that first winter in Plymouth, in February 1621.  His mother was one of only four women that survived that first winter. ( She married Edward Winslow soon after as Edwards wife had also died.  Resolved grew to manhood at “Careswell”, the estate of his stepfather in Marshfield. He and his wife Judith Vassall had seven children, most of whom attained adulthood.  Resolved had a younger brother named Peregrine, who was the first child born in the ship’s cabin on the “Mayflower” while it was docked in the harbor. Resolved married Judith Vassall in Marshfield, Massachusetts. They had 8 children together. After Judith’s death, he married Abigail Lord in 1674.

Resolved and his wife Judith have their names engraven on a Mayflower memorial marker. This marker is dedicated to early settlers of Green Harbor.

RESOLVED WHITE (1615-1687)
JUDITH VASSALL (1619-1670)

RESOLVED WHITE was born 9 September 1615 in England to William White (1590-1621) and Susanna Jackson (1592-1664.) He came to America on the Mayflower with his parents in 1620.  The Whites are believed to have boarded the Mayflower as part of the London merchant group, and not as members of the Leiden Holland religious movement.  Resolved was raised by step-father Edward Winslow following the death of his father William and remarriage of his mother in 1621.  They moved to Marshfield in the 1630s and later moved to Scituate.  Resolved married Judith Vassall, the daughter of William and Ann King Vassal on April 8, 1640 in Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts.  Resolved White moved his family back to Marshfield in the early 1660s and Judith died and was buried there on 3 April 1670. Resolved then remarried to widowed Abigal Lord in 1674 in Salem.  Resolved was a soldier in King Philip’s War of 1676, and became a freeman in Salem in 1680, before moving back to Marshfield a couple years later.  Resolved White died 19 September 1687 at Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts, age 72. He was buried in Marshfield.  Resolved was last male survivor of the Mayflower aside from John Cooke who died in 1694.

Children of Resolved White and Judith Vassall:

1. William White (1642-1695)
2. John White (1644-1684)
3. Samuel White I (1646-1720)
4. Resolved White II (1647-1670)
5. Anna White 1649-1714
6. Elizabeth White (1652-1720)
7. Judith White (1654-)
8. Josiah White I (1654-1710)
9. Susannah White (1656-1704)

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