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familyhxfjt1 (Brief history of Fawn Jones ( ** )

Fawn Jones Taylor

Wonderful memories of my life

Section 1:  a list of ‘interesting’ events and facts concerning Fawn’s life
Section 2:  basic information and facts about Fawn’s life
Section 3:  The Story of My Life, by Fawn Jones Taylor
Section 4:  daily diary entries and interesting events from Fawn’s daily journals
Section 5:  Memories from My Life
Section 6:  the personal testimony of Fawn Jones Taylor
Section 7:  a talk given by Fawn to the Young Women in her ward
Section 8:  Fawn’s patriarchal blessing, given August 10, 1936
Section 9:  Some of Dayna Gillespie’s memories of her mother, Fawn
Section 10:  The years 1949 to 1966

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