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Leo & Stella Taylor Family reunion — 2008

Ideas for the reunion

Reunion ideas for the Leo and Stella Taylor reunion of 2008, compiled by Michael Taylor, grandson

  • For the 2008 reunion, have a list of those families that will host the next several reunions.  Here is a proposal: 2008 Russell, 2010 Dean & Bruce, 2012 Garth, 2014 Von & Lynn, 2016 Leah, 2018 Hal.
  • Have an introduction game where you get to know fun things about other reunion participants (find someone with your same birth month, find someone with your eye color, find someone that lives outside of Utah, etc.).
  • Lots of activities such as hikes (easy and hard), crafts for the children, lawn games, etc.  Have hikers that lead the way and are familiar with the hike.  How about a bird hike or nature hike?
  • Provide an agenda of all activities before the reunion begins.
  • Have a star party with several telescopes.
  • Have a golf tournament, especially if we hold the reunion at Palisades State Park.
  • Have a big container of water and one of juice available at all times.  Have a cooler with snacks.
  • Have several canopies set up for shade and relaxation.  Also protection from rain.
  • Ancestor story from each family.  Have a sound system.
  • Perhaps a piñata after the evening meeting for the kids, and root beer floats.
  • Awards for Hal, Russell, and Leah, and how about for the spouses and Margaret as well.
  • Refreshments for each fireside.
  • Spotlight various family members, or can you guess who the following family member is by giving clues.
  • Listening to the tapes we made several years ago with Leo, Stella, brothers.
  • How about a slide show from the photos I have.
  • Have a huge genealogy tree, and fill in the gaps during the reunion.
  • Rubber bracelets to identify families, or coded name tags?  A wood badge style necklace that would allow you to wear beads if you do certain activities.
  • Catered meals from a caterer or restaurant in Manti?
  • An awards ceremony for best hiker, best golfer, traveled the farthest, etc.
  • Initiative games, similar to a Wood Badge event.
  • Send out an activity interest survey before the reunion.
  • Get email addresses of as many family members as possible, in addition to family representatives.
  • Have a reunion theme.

Ideas for the Dean and Fawn Taylor reunions, compiled by Michael Taylor, son:

  • Base camp on beach perhaps.
  • Should we have a combined reunion as opposed to three distinct, separate family reunions?
  • Divide up Dutch oven assignments better; having 5 ovens was great at the last reunion.
  • Tables for eating, canopies for shelter and shade, adequate chairs.
  • Beach is less expensive; beach versus hotel or RV park; hotel available for those desiring it?
  • Let’s try to spend less time shuttling back and forth at days’ end.
  • A beach spot or RV park gives us a base camp, and we can have meals together and evening activities.
  • Telescopes are a must.
  • Dutch oven – BBQ – campfire.
  • Something for everyone, no one obligated to participate in all activities.
  • Easier to communicate and make plans
  • Definitive plans before the actual reunion for Dayna, Linda, and Michael and spouses. Others can join if they so desire.
  • ATV’s, mountain bikes, wave runners.
  • Can expand as the family grows.

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