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The personal testimony of Fawn Jones Taylor

A woman of faith and devotion

Testimony of Fawn Jones Taylor

This testimony of Fawn Taylor was taken from a letter she wrote to her father, A. Will Jones, on November 5, 1963.


I don’t know if I have ever told you how much this church means to me and how thankful I am that I was born into this church.  I am so thankful I can call myself a Mormon and know that I am trying to do all the things I should.  It is easiest for me to live the Word of Wisdom.  The other things are hard, such as loving my enemies, doing good to those who do harm to me, not to gossip and run people down.  These are the things I worry about.  I surely hope and pray that you are attending your meetings, Daddy.  It takes effort but so does it take effort to go to sporting events.  I don’t know that you aren’t attending meetings, so I will just say that I am thankful you are able to get all cleaned up each Sunday and go to your priesthood meetings, then to go to Sacrament in the evening.  Mother is so happy when she looks down from Heaven and sees that you are doing what is right.  I know as well as I live that some day we will meet God and our whole desire in this life is to live so that we can be with Him and with those of our loved ones who will merit His presence.  I sure hope I can make it, but I have a lot to live up to.  Our church is the most wonderful thing in my life, and I would rather be stripped of anything than membership in it.  Doesn’t your heart just ache for people who don’t have the way of life that we do?

We hold our family night on Sunday nights and what a thrill it is to Dean and I to gather our children around us and talk about God and how we can better our lives.  We each give a talk or poem, and then we sing and pray and have a family discussion of problems.  This discussion is worth its weight in gold.  Then we have treats and play a game of some kind.  It is the best evening of the month.  It is not the same to have Deanna gone [she was serving in the French East Mission], but we cherish the memories of when we were all together.  Soon Dayna will be attending the BYU and we will have only two children at home.  That is going to be a hard adjustment to make.

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