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Patriarchal Blessing given to Fawn Jones, August 1936

Provo, Utah
August 10, 1936

Following is a Patriarchal blessing given by Harmon Sowards, Patriarch, upon the head of Fawn Jones, daughter of A. Will Jones and Emma Groneman Jones, born on February 6, 1917 in Provo, Utah County, Utah.  [Fawn would have been 19 years old at the time]

“Fawn Jones, dear sister, in the authority of the Holy Priesthood that I bear and in my office and calling, I place my hands upon your head and confer upon thee a patriarchal blessing.

“You were faithful and true in your pre-existent state and preserved to come forth in this dispensation and dwell in mortality and lay a foundation for your exaltation in our Father’s Kingdom.  The Lord has been mindful of thee and has preserved thy life from pitfalls and dangers.

“Thou are a descendant of Abraham, through Israel, the great patriarch, and also of Ephraim, the son of Joseph.  This entitles thee to be numbered with the house of Israel.

“There is a great mission for thee to perform here in mortality in teaching the plan of salvation.  If you desire it, you shall have the privilege of going among the world as a representative of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  You shall lay before them the gospel in its plainness and simplicity.  They will listen to your message and you will be able tot make many friends on the right and on the left.  You will be the means of converting some of the honest souls to a knowledge of the truth.  They will rejoice that they have found the precious truths of life and salvation.

“You will also have a mission to perform at home among your associates.  You will become a leader and hold positions of trust and honor.  It shall be your privilege to select a companion, one of the sons of Zion.  You and he will have the privilege of going to the House of the Lord and receive of the holy ordinances therein, which will bind thee in wedlock for time and all eternity.

“You will become a mother in Israel.  Noble children will be born to thee.  You will have the privilege of teaching them in the ways of the Lord and they will hold positions of trust and honor.  In thy declining days, they will rise up and call thee blessed and will bestow upon thee great honor because of the precious truths you have taught them and they won’t depart therefrom.

“You will have the spirit of discernment to discern right from wrong.  You will also have some trials and temptations.  By your faith and prayers you will be able to overcome all evil.

“You will be blessed financially with means to supply your needs and wants.  You will have a beautiful home and surroundings.

“It shall be your privilege, in connection with your husband, to perform a vicarious work for your dead kindred.  They are looking to the living for salvation.  This will entitle thee to become a Savior upon Mount Zion.

“I bless thee with every blessing that is my right to confer upon thee, with life, health, and strength.

“By your faith and faithfulness, you will come forth in the resurrection of the Just, with your loved ones, crowned with eternal life, and sit upon thrones and principalities in our Father’s Kingdom.  These blessings I seal upon thee in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen”

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