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Interesting facts and events from the life of Fawn Jones Taylor

A list of interesting items, composed by Fawn herself

Interesting events in the life of Fawn Jones Taylor

1) Shortly after the birth of Fay and Fawn, a man and woman showed up at the Jones home, wanting to adopt one of the twins.  They were very serious in their desire because they were unable to have children of their own.  A. Will and Emma declined their request.
2) When she graduated from Dixon Middle School, she was chosen by her classmates to give the student speech at the graduation exercises.  She was proud to have been chosen, but very frightened at the responsibility. With the help of the Lord and my mother’s prayers, I did the task successfully.  I prepared the speech alone; I worded it alone, and planned every phase of it.  I felt that the speech was part of me for it was all my work.
3) She set a record in the Provo Second Ward by not missing one single Sunday School class in seven years.
4) She played on the girls baseball team at Provo High School.  They played Spanish Fork for the championship and lost.
5) Hobbies — I especially like  a) swimming b) tennis c) Dramatic Arts d) fine literature e) Dancing f) gathering the finer things of life
6) June 7, 1995 operated on for veins and hemorrhoids.  Stitches came out on June 15. 7) Fay was born first, Fawn 10 minutes later.
8) February 9, 1955 Michael and I were hit by a car
9) Family at a picnic up Provo canyon, mom saw a liquid coming out of the car.  She caught the liquid and put it in the gas tank, thinking she was doing her dad a great favor.  It was water coming out of the radiator.  They couldn’t get home because the car wouldn’t run.
10) Dean helped Dr. Jim Archer build an extension on his garage, so he did Dayna’s orthodontia for free
11) During our entire married life, I washed Dean’s hair, cut his toe nails, and put Grecian Formula in his hair, and styled it for him.  I cut Dean’s hair for many years because he thought it was a rip off to have to pay to have hair cut.
12) May 27, 1960 I ran over Bubbles with my car.
13) Linda became a Brownie Scout in June 1957 and Dayna received her braces July 18, 1958
14) Resigned as Relief Society president on June 2, 1957
15) Idlewild, Virginia Lake, Bowers Mansion, Reno Hot Springs
16) Made home made root beer often and bottled it in glass quart jars.  On July 20, 1957, a bottle of root beer blew up!
17) Dean as bishop, I made home made whole wheat loaves of bread for every family in the ward, typed scripture “Man shall not live by bread alone..” took them to every family
18) Voice lessons with Ladd Cropper
19) August 26, 1961 I took Michael to see Vernon Law at Food King
20) Dean called my pillow “a fluffed-up hankie”.  That joke seemed to tickle him.
21) My dad raised peonies, roses, orange poppies, tiger lilies, and columbine.  He would sell dozens and dozens of flowers on Memorial Day.  People would come to our home all day long on the day before Memorial Day to pick up their orders.  Daddy kept all the bundled flowers down in the cellar of our home to keep them cool after he had cut and prepared them.  Daddy would always give away free flowers to those who could not afford to buy them.  Whenever he asked me to help him prepare the bunches, I would count out extra flowers for the people.
22) Daddy raised the best vegetables in town.  Daddy would fill our little red wagon with freshly picked cucumbers, cabbage, turnips, and many other vegetables that he had grown.  We would go from door to door selling these vegetables.  We would bring the money home to mother.
23) Things I like — Erma Bombeck, Lawrence Welk, Ann Landers, talk radio, TV documentaries, musicals, Walt Disney, talk shows of any kind, people’s thoughts on various subjects, Bob Welti, Paul James, Shelley Thomas (the latter three were news people on KSL).
24) I earned a pin in grammar school for penmanship.  I mastered the Palmer method of writing.
25) My daddy would drum and tap everything on our dinner table while we were eating.  He would use forks and spoons as his drumsticks and he would play little tunes on our china and plates.  This used to make Dean snort, but we all loved it.
26) I wrote letters of complaint to the following companies — Star Kist Tuna, Dee’s Burgers, Clorox Company, Cascade Dish Washer Soap, Crest Toothpaste, Dick Palmer at Ken Garff Chevrolet.  I also sent a letter to the Nut Tree Restaurant near Sacramento, California for the lousy meal they served us.
27) In our church meetings as a child, I would go to sleep on the pew and wake up just as the closing song was being sung.
28) February 8, 1958.  Michael fell down our front porch steps and knocked out his four front teeth.  Dean picked them up, washed them off, pushed them right back into place, and these teeth stayed in his mouth and held the proper position for his permanent teeth later on.
29) When Dean would come to our house before we were married, I would make him not cocoa and tuna fish sandwiches.  I think this is what won him over.
30) Fay would always have to go to the bathroom when we were doing the dishes.  I guess dish water or dish towels acted as a laxative for her.
31) April 27, 1962.  Deanna came in third place in the Miss Reno Pageant.  She did so well and we were so proud of her.  She played Moonlight Sonata on the piano for her talent.
32) Smells I love — a skunk, chili sauce, and a good cigar.
33) As a young person, it was so fun to go to the fish hatchery near Springville.  We would go inside the building and see all the little fish eggs in different degrees of hatching.  Daddy loved to take us over there on a Sunday afternoon to see the fish.  They also had various animals in cages such as raccoons, beavers, and others.
34) Park Ro-She was a fun place to go and swim and have a picnic.
35) Fay and I used to sell eggs to get money to buy candy or go to a movie.
36) I remember seeing my dad smoking a cigar at the county fair when I went to see a friend.
37) The annual Utah County fairs were always fun.  We would sit in the cars that were on display, look at all the poultry and animals, and play in the big bins of wheat barefooted.
38) I remember one time when we all went up Provo Canyon for Daddy to fish in the river, and I saw some liquid leaking out the bottom of our car.  I got a can and caught the liquid, and put it back into the gas tank, thinking it was gas.  It turned out that it was water and it caused serious car trouble.
39) June 3, 1960 — we bought a new Valiant car.
40) June 29, 1958 — Dean was called to serve on the High Council.  Brother Sonne set him apart and he spoke in district conference.
41) When she was young, Fay was asked to give a talk in the Salt Lake Tabernacle as part of a Sunday School conference.
42) A phrase we used in our family that meant something was not too hot or too great — “What a vizzog”.
43) We loved to go to Idlewild Park in Reno to have a lot of fun.  The kids took swimming lessons at the pool there.
44) We have many fun times at Pyramid Lake just outside of Reno.  We would swim in the lake.
45) Dean built an extension on the garage of Dr. Jim Archer.  Because of Dean doing this, Jim did not charge us for the orthodontia he did on Dayna’s mouth.
46) On July 2, 1958, Dean bought me a new Iron Rite ironing machine so that I could sit down while doing my ironing.  This was a blessing because of the bad veins I had in my legs and the pain I would have if I stood for long periods of time.
47) July 2, 1958 — The bishopric came to visit me and asked me to be the Science Teacher in Relief Society.  On July 6th, I told them that I could not take the job.
48) On July 3, 1958 [in Reno], I weighed 146 pounds.
49) During our entire marriage, I washed Dean’s hair, cut his toe nails, and cut his hair.  I also put Grecian Formula on his hair and styled it.  The reason I started cutting his hair was because he was so against having to pay cash to have it cut.  He thought it was a “rip off” and so did I.  I loved to see his hair cut short.
50) July 18, 1958 — Dayna had her braces put on.
51) Friday, May 27, 1960 — I hit Bubbles with my car.
52) 1958 — Ballet lessons for the girls.
53) One of our favorite places to go in Reno was Virginia Lake.  There were always ducks at this lake, and we enjoyed feeding them bread.
54) I loved to make home-made root beer.  I would save it in quart glass jars.
55) When Dean was called as bishop in Reno, he had me make loaves of whole wheat bread so that he and the bishopric could visit all the ward members and take a loaf of bread to them.  He would tape a scripture to the bag containing the bread that said, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.”
56) Started voice lessons from Ladd Cropper on July 9, 1957
57) Camp Fleischmann is 120 miles from Reno and that is where Michael would go for scout camp during the summers.
58) Reno Hot Springs was a popular resort just outside of Reno, and we would often go there to swim with our kids.  We also took the Mutual kids there.
59) In Provo, as children, we would go down to the park near City Hall for band concerts.
60) On August 26, 1961, I took Michael down to Food King grocery store to see Vernon Law, the great Mormon baseball pitcher.
61) We enjoyed picnics at Lake Tahoe often when we lived in Reno.
62) On Saturday, July 20, 1957, one of my bottles of home-made root beer blew up.
63) We took our kids to the Shriners’ Circus every year in Reno, or we would go by train to Sacramento to see the circus.
64) In August of 1961 Michael had boils, which was a source of much trouble for him
65) August 28, 1959, we went to Los Angeles and danced to the music of Lawrence Welk at the Aragon ball room.
66) August of 1961, I performed in Promised Valley.  We put on two performances.
67) In 1961 we were in a 60-60 Dance Club.
68) All of my children took piano lessons.
69) We had many wonderful picnics and suppers at a place called Crystal Peak, located on the Truckee River.
70) Daddy raised sweet peas.  We would pick them out in the garden, and Daddy would tie them up in bunches.  We would often go up to Hotel Roberts to the kitchen area and sell them to a large, heavy-set lady who was in charge of the dining room.  We would also sell them door-to-door, as so many people loved those dainty little peas.  I feel close to my parents whenever I think of those sweet peas.  I also think of my parents when I smell lilacs, as we had a lilac tree on the south side of our lawn.  It was under the shade of that tree that I did so many wonderful things as a child.  We would put a quilt out there and sew for our dolls.  We also had slumber parties under that tree, sleeping on beds made of quilts.  We didn’t have sleeping bags in those days.  We often made lemonade and had a stand from which we sold our drinks.
71) Holly hocks grew in almost every pretty color in the vacant lots around our neighborhood and up and down our street.  We would use toothpicks or pins to make little holly hock dolls.  We would play with them for hours.  We would also make little boats and float our flower dolls down the ditch that ran in front of the Meyers’ home.
72) My daddy raised many types of flowers, including peonies, roses, orange poppies, tiger lilies, and columbine.
73) I found out from Dr. Bergeson that I have a hiatal hernia.
74) Sorrow isn’t forever, but love is.
75) Deanna graduated from the 8th grade at B. D. Billinghurst Junior High School on June 3, 1955.
76) June 7, 1955, I was operated on at Washoe County Hospital for varicose veins and hemorrhoids.  Arrived home on June 11.  My stitches were removed on June 15.
77) As children we would often go up to Aunt Nells and Uncle Ole’s house for meals.  These two loved to play games in their family.  We would play games with them when we visited.  They had cows and I remember that their cows were always getting out of their pens.  They had a car and kept in the cow barn.  We loved to play ‘Tag’ as children with the Olsen family.  I remember many times when Bert and Mabel would come to our house, running in the front door and out the back door, then home again.  They would be trying to get the last tag on one of their older children.

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