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Fear knocked at the door…faith answered


I read these words over the fireplace of Hird’s Head Hotel in Bray-on Thomas, not far from London.  The words were not ascribed to any specific author, and I had never heard these words before.  The words have remained with me since I first read them.

Too often fear rules over our lives, intruding into every situation.  Fear would sit by our sides and whisper gratuitous advice while we make decisions.  Fear would embrace us when we meet grief.  Fear would fray our bodies and our minds, and rob us of the very sleep we need to mend them.  Fear masquerades in countless forms and under many names.  Doubt, indecision, procrastination, alarm, timidity, and anxiety are some of the forms.  In fancy clothes, fear becomes terror, horror, shock, or consternation.  Fear is constantly at our door, asking to enter our lives.  Fear poses as a friend.  Fear claims to be prudence, caution, care, diligence, and discretion.  But if we open the house of our lives to fear, we admit a guest who will not leave soon nor leave gracefully.

Faith is the comrade who will serve us best against fear.  For fear is shadow, but faith is real.  Faith too assumes other shapes and names.  There is the faith that is met as prayer, the alliance with the Almighty that enables one to meet the contrary ways of the world.  Faith is the courage that has battled for man’s highest ideal.  Some have known faith as will to live, when fear would bring death also over the threshold.  Faith is our supporter as confidence, in ourselves and in those we serve and those who would serve us.  Keep faith as a constant companion.  And when fear knocks at your door, send faith to answer.  Faith carried the light of truth, dissolving the shadow of fear that would blot every thought and acton.

Ralph Beebe

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