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A miraculous healing of eye sight, at the hands of Elder Harold B. Lee

The following true story is included in my personal journal.

  • June 1, 2023 — We performed cataract surgery today on a patient with an incredible story.  She was born with very severely crossed eyes, and the parents were told that she had ‘inoperable strabismus’.  There were other eye problems associated with the strabismus.  The parents were told that the country’s premier pediatric eye surgeon was located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and that if anyone could help the little baby, it would be him.  They made an appointment and traveled to Wisconsin.  After close examination of the baby’s eye problems, he frankly told that parents that there was no way to repair the damaged and crossed eyes, and that the little girl would probably need to be institutionalized or be home-bound, handicapped, and incapacitated.  The parents plead for him to at least try to repair the damage, and he again said it was fruitless.  At about this time, Elder Harold B. Lee was scheduled to preside over the stake conference in the stake in which this family lived, and they knew that he possessed the gift of healing.  They supplicated their leaders to arrange a meeting with Elder Lee.  The meeting was arranged and Elder Lee gave the little baby a blessing, in which he promised that this little girl would have normal or near normal eye sight, that her vision would not be an impediment in any way during her life, and that she would love a productive life with normal vision.  With that blessing and promise, they again went to the famous eye surgeon.  They told him of the blessing, and he quickly dismissed such belief as ‘rubbish’.  He did agree to examine the baby’s eyes on more time.  After the exam, he was dumbfounded and astonished, telling the parents that ‘a miracle had occurred’.  He now stated that surgery was very much possible and that normal vision ‘might’ be attained.  The surgery was performed, and was declared successful.  This little girl did indeed have normal vision throughout her life, graduated with honors from high school and university, and became a very successful estate planning attorney.  She was the patient that we did cataract surgery on today.

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