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Disneyland secrets or surprises to be found and discovered

Disneyland secrets and surprises:
  • The buildings of Main Street, USA, were built with one idea in mind: leaving the park. All the buildings on Main Street were built using an optical illusion that utilizes making one end of a building slightly shorter than the other end. By using this method of construction, Disneyland created an effect that you don’t notice until your tired family leaves the park. The next time you enter Disneyland, make note of the distance that it appears you have to travel to get to the “Partners” statue. Then look at the exit of the park from the statue. That’s correct. The distance appears to be shorter entering the park than exiting. The intention was to keep guests from wanting to take the long walk out. Try this the next time you are there.
  • Walt Disney’s only finished apartment in Disneyland was above the fire house on Main Street. Cast members used to be alerted that Walt was in the park when the light was on in the upstairs window. The light was turned off when he was not in the park. The light now stays on continuously as a tribute to Mr. Disney.
  • Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room was originally designed to be a restaurant; that is why there are restrooms in the attraction.
  • Skippers on the Jungle Cruise did not originally tell jokes. It was only after Walt Disney overheard some people saying they could skip the attraction because they had seen it before already that he realized the attraction needed something that could be refreshed and new each time, hence the jokes.
  • Disney workers created a new written language called “Marabic” for the Indiana Jones Adventure. When the attraction first opened, and for some time after, a cast member at the Indiana Jones Adventure would hand out Marabic decoder cards so guests could translate what is written on the walls inside the temple.
  • Though there appears to be three separate tracks that you may get to take on the Indiana Jones Adventure, this is another Disney illusion. The three doors actually move throughout the day and the cars always travel on the same track. It’s not luck to get the middle track. The doors do not move. The walls move, in-between every group of riders. There is only one real door with four fake ones, two on each side. The walls move to show only three doors at a time, sometimes the real door appears to be in the middle, sometimes on the left or right. The lighting of the doors and inside the chamber is changed to match the “theme” of the chamber you are supposed to be entering.
  • Another “secret” in the Indiana Jones Adventure – Temple of the Forbidden Eye is that near the end of the attraction the vehicle appears to move backwards. Really, the walls are moving forward. It is easy to see this if you turn around and look backwards during this portion of the attraction.
  • The Indiana Jones Adventure at Disneyland is built where the Eeyore section of the Disneyland parking lot used to be located, so there are two Eeyores signs in the movie room and one on the actual ride.
  • There is a skeleton in the skeleton room wearing Mickey Mouse ears and a Mickey Mouse watch. He is known as “Bones,” and the name is actually embroidered on the Mickey Mouse hat.
  • In the pond area across the walkway from the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad exit, you can still see what remains of the ride “Mine Train Through Nature’s Wonderland”. Every few seconds, “phantom fish” will jump up from the water. This is left over from when trains would pass by a scene with bears swiping at fish in the water. The effect was just never removed when the ride was taken out.
  • While riding in your Doom Buggy in the Haunted Mansion, look for a spider in front of you when overlooking the dining hall. The glass in front of you used to project the apparitions was actually shattered by a Disneyland visitor with an air-pistol. To replace the glass would have been too expensive (the entire ceiling would have to be removed), so the imaginative workers placed a spider on the spot complete with web to hide the shattered glass.
  • When entering the Disney Gallery, ask one of the cast members to let you go on the behind-the-scenes tour of the Gallery. During this tour, you will see numerous secrets including an actual walk through the unfinished apartment, the secret to the way the Disneyland buildings are built, the private office of the person in charge of Disney Marketing, and the outside courtyard that Walt built for his wife that he later had to add out-door heaters to keep her warm. You will also be shown the back entrance to the legendary “Club 33” private club. (The other doorway to the exclusive club can be located on the street near the Blue Bayou by looking for an “address” sign that reads “33” in slightly more fancy numbering than the other address on the street.)
  • A tribute to the Country Bear Jamboree appears in The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh; look behind you to see it!
  • The oval mirror in the Mad Hatter’s Shoppe will reveal the Cheshire Cat (from Alice in Wonderland) every few seconds. This effect is achieved by using a type of mirror, widely used by law-enforcement, known as a “50%” mirror. The representation of the Cheshire Cat, a solid piece, is in a room behind the mirror which is left dark. To expose the cat, the room is slowly lit. The image of the cat comes through the mirror and then the room is slowly darkened, making the cat disappear.
  • The toy blocks on the floor of the nursery in the first scene of Peter Pan’s Flight spell out “DI5NEY” and “PPan.”
  • The silhouette of Sherlock Holmes can be seen in one of the windows in the town square scene in Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.
  • While in the line for Peter Pan’s Flight, look up at the highest window in the Snow White’s Scary Adventures attraction across the plaza. The Evil Queen from the movie Snow White opens the curtains in the window and looks down at the guests for a moment or so. She Most quests never notice this effect. (Robyn Mackay)
  • The apple offered by the old hag in Snow White’s Scary Adventures used to be a real prop but it kept getting stolen by riders. It has now been replaced by a holographic apple visual effect.
  • The effect of the Blue Fairy disappearing in the final scene of Pinocchio’s Daring Journey is created through a trick called the Pepper’s Ghost illusion, which is used heavily in the Haunted Mansion. Fiber optics are used to simulate the fairy dust left behind on the floor as the Blue Fairy magically disappears. If you look back from your vehicle, you can see the figure of the Blue Fairy that’s reflected to create the illusion.
  • The horses on King Arthur Carousel are all salvaged, hand-painted originals ranging in ages from 90 to 110 years old.
  • Alice can be found in one place on the Alice in Wonderland ride … just before you enter the Queen’s Courtyard, look for her on the right side in the trees across from the caterpillar.
  • While riding on the Roger Rabbit Car Toon Spin in Toontown, your “car” passes through a market-type scene. In this section you have the impression of nearly careening through a fruit stand selling “wishing apples.” This was the name the evil Queen/Witch gave to the poison apple she gave to Snow White. It has nothing to do with Roger Rabbit and is a reference to the movie Snow White.
  • In the queue of Star Tours, an announcer calls for “Mr. Egroeg Sacul.” That’s George Lucas backwards.
  • There is a Magic Lamp in a store across from the Jungle Cruise – for a buck you can rub the lamp and hear funny jokes.
  • Main Street is supposed to be set in 1910 and Tomorrowland is set for 1986. These years were picked because they were the years of Hailey’s Comet.
  • Did you know you can ride in the front car of the monorail if you ask? Did you know you can ride in the front of the Disneyland train with the conductor too?
  • The organ that was in 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea is presently located in the ballroom of the Haunted Mansion.
  • Smellitzers on Main Street: Candy Palace & Candy Kitchen – Main Street USA: Under the window is a vent that sends the wonderful candy aromas out onto Main Street. Invented at Walt Disney World by Bob McCarthy, the Smellitzer, is akin to the famed artillery howitzer – used to launch smells instead of shells.
  • Raiders of the Lost Ark Mercedes Truck: Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye: An interesting Disney detail is parked outside of the Indiana Jones attraction. The olive green truck appears to be the one from the famous Raiders of the Lost Ark chase scene, in which Indy chases after the Nazi convoy transporting the Ark of the Covenant. The truck’s body type, license plate and missing hood ornament, match features from the vehicle used in the famous Raiders of the Lost Ark stunt sequence.
  • Eeyore Parking Sign in the Indiana Jones Ride: An old Eeyore parking sign is hidden up in the rafters high above the projection room (in the queue). The sign pays homage to the Eeyore Parking Lot, which gave way to the current attraction.

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