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Challenging questions index

Answers to ‘challenging’ questions:

  • Defensive or non-defensive stance:  wise counsel from Elder M. Russell Ballard
  • Doubt:  how to approach period of doubt or uncertainty regarding Church doctrine
  • Evolution:  reconciling the theory of evolution and religious faith
  • Figurative or literal: some thoughts from Joseph Fielding McConkie, taken from his book ‘Gospel Symbolism’
  • Finances, Church finances: response to allegations that the Church misrepresents its financial activities
  • Polygamy and Joseph Smith:  plural marriage in Kirtland and Nauvoo
  • Prophets: why Latter-day Saints can trust their prophets
  • Questions:  guiding principles to help answer gospel questions
  • Questions:  President Russell M. Nelson’s advice concerning difficult questions and how to address them
  • Questions:  Elder David A. Bednar answers probing questions from reporters at the National Press Club,  2022
  • Responses to a critic’s questions:   common sense responses to a critic’s questions regarding the Book of Mormon
  • Sticky issues:  how to appropriately address challenging questions
  • Things I have learned:  Things I have learned since becoming a member of The Church of Jesus Christ, by Jim Young
  • The Trial:  representatives of Christian churches present challenging questions to Latter-day Saint missionaries (in a fictionalized setting)
  • ‘When Shall These Things Be?‘: Elder M. Russell Ballard’s counsel for a young returned missionary who has lost his faith

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