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Difficult questions —  “The Trial” 

During my mission to New Zealand in 1971-1972, I obtained a copy of “THE TRIAL”, a booklet produced by the Auckland Stake Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  It presents a mock trial in which representatives of the Church of Jesus Christ and representatives of other Christian religions discuss doctrinal differences.  Presented below are the various doctrinal points presented in that booklet. Click on the highlighted phrase of the desired topic to see a synopsis of the discussion in the booklet.

  • ‘All truth’ : if ‘all truth’ was given by Christ to His apostles, why would we need prophets or continuing revelation today?
  • ‘The Nature of God’ : is God a spirit, a spirit essence, or does He have a body of flesh and bones?                                              
  • Breath vs. spirit:  are ‘breath’ and ‘spirit’ used interchangeably in the scriptures?
  • ‘The Triune God’: are the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit ‘one in three yet three in one’, or are they separate, distinct beings?
  • ‘The Unknowable God’: is God unknowable, incomprehensible, and unreachable, or is He knowable and reachable?

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