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QUESTION:  Of the 20 largest temples (by square-footage) in the Church, 18 of them are in the United States.  Can you name the two of the twenty largest that are in countries other than the United States?
ANSWER: The two temples among the twenty largest that are not in the United States are the Mexico City D.F. Mexico Temple (6th-largest at 116,642 square feet) and the Cardston Alberta Temple (19th-largest at 81,700 square feet).

QUESTION:  Can you name the 3 largest temples in the church, based on square-footage?
ANSWER: #1) SaltLakeTemple – 382,207 sq ft    #2) Los AngelesCaliforniaTemple – 190,614 sq ft    #3) WashingtonD.C.Temple – 160,000 sq feet.

QUESTION:  Thirteen of our temples have more than 100,000 square feet of floor space.  How many of the thirteen can you name?
ANSWER:  The thirteen temples with more than 100,000 square feet of floor space are Salt Lake Temple (382,207), Los Angeles California Temple (190,614), Washington D.C. Temple (160,000), Jordan River Utah Temple (148,236), Provo Utah Temple (130,825), Mexico City Mexico Temple (116,642), Logan Utah Temple (115,507), Mesa Arizona Temple (113,916), Ogden Utah Temple (112,132), Seattle Washington Temple (110,000), St. George Utah Temple (108,536), Bountiful Utah Temple (104,000), and the Mt. Timpanogos Utah Temple (104,000).  

QUESTION:  Only three of our current temples (December 2007) have less than 10,000 square feet of floor space.  Can you name these three temples?
ANSWER:  The three temples with less than 10,000 square feet of floor space are the Taipei Taiwan Temple (9,945), Lima Peru Temple (9,600), and the Colonia Juarez Chihuahua Mexico Temple (6,800).

QUESTION: What is the tallest temple?
ANSWER: As of December 2017, the tallest temple in the church is the Washington, D.C. Temple, at an overall height of 288 feet (88 meters).

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