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didyou19 (prophet’s vital information ** )

PROPHETS — Vital Information (births, deaths, places of note, etc.)

QUESTION:  Only two of our latter-day prophets (presidents of the Church) have died outside of the state (or territory) of Utah.  Can you name them?
ANSWER:   The two prophets who have died outside of Utah are Joseph Smith (died June 27, 1844 in Carthage, Illinois) and Wilford Woodruff (died September 2, 1898 in San Francisco, California).  President Woodruff had traveled to California in August of 1898 to enjoy a change of climate, and also in hopes that the ocean air and lower elevation would have a salutary effect on his health.

QUESTION:  Thirteen of our previous Church presidents are buried in Salt Lake City.  Can you name the three who are buried in locations other than Salt Lake City?
ANSWER:  Our three Church presidents who are not buried in Salt Lake City are Joseph Smith (buried in Nauvoo, Illinois), Lorenzo Snow (buried in Brigham City, Utah), and Ezra Taft Benson (buried in Whitney, Idaho).

QUESTION: Thirteen Church presidents are buried in Salt Lake City. Twelve are buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery.  Who is the only Church president buried in Salt Lake City that is not buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery?
ANSWER: The only Church President buried in Salt Lake City that is not buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery is Brigham Young.  President Brigham Young is buried in a small, private park about 2 blocks east of the LDS Church Office Building.

QUESTION:  One of the Presidents of the Church in this dispensation passed away on his 81st birthday, which happened to be April 4. This was just two days before the opening session of that year’s annual General Conference.  This prophet’s funeral was held on the Saturday afternoon of General Conference weekend.  Can you name this beloved prophet?
ANSWER:  George Albert Smith passed away on April 4, 1951, his 81st birthday.  His funeral was held on April 7, 1951 on the Saturday afternoon of Conference weekend.

QUESTION: Twice in our church history we have had two church presidents pass away without there having been any other apostolic deaths in the interim.  Can you name these two occurrences?
ANSWER:  Presidents Joseph Fielding Smith and Harold B. Lee passed away within 19 months of each other, no other apostles having passed away in the interim.  Likewise, Presidents Ezra Taft Benson and Howard W. Hunter passed away within 9 months of each other, no other apostles having died in the interim period.   Click here to see the death dates of our apostles and church presidents, listed chronologically.

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