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didyou13 (GENERAL AUTHORITIES — Names Quizzes ** )


QUESTION: Can you name our most recent apostle who did not have a middle name?
ANSWER: Our most recent apostle who did not have a middle name was Elder Ulisses Soares.  Elder LeGrand Richards and Elder Matthew Cowley likewise did not have a middle name.  Elder Patrick Kearon does not use his middle names, but he does indeed have 2 middle names.  Click here for a listing of all apostles without middle names.


QUESTION: Of all the brethren who have served as apostles in this dispensation, who had the shortest last name?  Who had the longest last name?
ANSWER:  The shortest last name of all our apostles belonged to President Harold B. Lee, and the longest last name belongs to Elder D. Todd Christoffersen.  Click here for information about the number of letters in the last names of our apostles.

QUESTION:  One of the apostles in this dispensation had the same middle and last names.  Can you name him?
ANSWER:  Elder Hugh B. Brown’s middle name was Brown.  Thus his name was Hugh Brown Brown.  Elder Brown’s mother’s maiden name was Brown, and to honor both sides of the family, the name Brown was included twice in the name.

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