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Twelve lessons learned in my life,  by President Dallin H. Oaks

As President Dallin H. Oaks celebreated his 90th birthday in 2022, he shared these thoughts in the Church News:

Twelve lessons learned in my life:

  • Mortality has speed bumps — Elder Oaks’ father passed away unexpectedly when Dallin was 7 years old.
  • Treat others with respect and generosity — Elder Oaks’ father, a physician, treated the needy without charging for his services.
  • Women can do it all — Elder Oaks’ mother became breadwinner, teacher, and mother upon the passing of her husband.
  • Find a career in which you can serve your fellowman — find something to do that involves good and honest service to others.
  • Honor the Sabbath day — you can do as well in six days as others do in seven.
  • The Lord will bless us with what we need — after the passing of his first wife, Elder Oaks was led to Kristen, his second wife.
  • The Lord will help his children serve — he accepted a very challenging church calling during his busy years in law school.
  • Approach new callings with faith — the call to serve as an apostle was a total surprise, but he embarked on the steep learning curve with faith.
  • The organization of the church is inspired — I have ‘seen behind the curtain’ during my service in the Quorum of the Twelve.
  • Move forward with faith — I have chosen to stay faithful, despite unanswered questions, knowing the the Lord doesn’t answer all questions.
  • No one is forgotten by the Lord — Heavenly Father always knows where we are.
  • The Holy Ghost bears an incontrovertible witness of truth — I know that Heavenly Father created a plan for His children and provided a Savior.

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