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‘Things to hold on to, things to let go of’ — by Bishop L. Todd Budge

Graduation ceremonies — BYU Idaho — December 15, 2022

Bishop Budge shares to wonderful counsel with the graduates of BYU Idaho.

Four things to let go of:

  • Let go of sin — Give up on the idea that following your own way is better than following the Lord’s way.
  • Let go of guilt — Just as the purpose of physical pain is to alert individuals of injury or disease, the purpose of guilt is to cause spiritual pain, which alerts us as to the need of repentance.  However, once we have repented of our sins, we need to trust that the Lord has forgiven us and then forgive ourselves.  Lingering guilt can turn to shame and that shame will rob us of joy.
  • Let go of grudges — The failure to forgive others will rob us of joy and canker our souls.  Let go of judgement.  Leave that to God.
  • Let go of your own will — In difficult circumstances, we sometimes turn away from God rather than toward Him.  If the heavens seem closed, continue to be obedient, express gratitude, honor the Lord’s timetable.  Miracles may follow.

Four things to hold on to:

  • Hold on to the Holy Ghost — The Holy Ghost will tell us the things we should do.  Honor covenants and keep the commandments.
  • Hold on to faith — Nurture your testimony – work for it, own it, care for it, nurture it, feed it, do not pollute it with the false philosophies of unbelievers.
  • Hold on to the word of God — Don’t rely on the internet for your spiritual information.  Go to the source of truth and light – the word of God.
  • Hold on to covenants — Recommit to live up to the covenants you have made.  Holding fast to covenants brings power to live joyfully.  The covenant path is a path of repentance, not a path of perfection.  God does not expect perfection, He expects effort.

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