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“Gratitude, a remedy to the things that plague the world ”, by President Russell M. Nelson

As President Nelson delivered his inspiring remarks, he included a list of things that we should and could be grateful for.  The list includes:

  • A happy marriage
  • The beauties of the earth
  • The majesty of the heavens, which give us an inkling of the vastness of eternity
  • The gift of life
  • Our bodies and minds, which allow us to learn and grow
  • Art, literature, and music which nurtures our souls
  • The opportunity to repent, to start over, to make amends, and to build character
  • Our families, friends, and loved ones
  • Opportunities to help
  • Opportunities to cherish and serve one another, making life more meaningful
  • Trials, from which we learn things we would not know otherwise
  • God, the Father of our spirits, which makes all of us brothers and sisters

President Nelson then challenged us all to do two things:  1) to use social media to express gratitude on a daily basis for the next seven days  2) to unite in daily prayer in thanking God.

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