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“The Culture of Christ”

Elder William K. Jackson of the Seventy,  delivered at the October 2020 General Conference of the Church

Elder Jackson elucidated the major attributes and characteristics of the CULTURE OF CHRIST:
  Knowledge that God the Father and Jesus Christ live!
•  All of God’s children are of equal worth
•  No prejudice, inclusivity of all
•  Charity, Christ-like caring, service and sacrifice
•  Revelation
•  Agency, choice
•  Learning and study
Self-mastery, discipline
•  Prayer
•  Covenants, ordinances
High moral standards, care for our bodies
•  Forgiveness and repentance
•  Priesthood, God’s authority
•  Miracles
•  Missionary work
•  Elevation and respect for women
•  Sanctity of the family
•  Perspective, eternal focus
•  Plan of happiness

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