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Book of Mormon Trivia

The following information is used with the permission of Bruce Barton.  This information is found in Brother Barton’s ‘Scripture Kit’.

•  As of November 2021, the Book of Mormon has been translated into 115 languages.  About 90% of the world’s population speak these 115 languages.
•  The Book of Mormon, a record of 2600 years of an American people, was written and published in less that 75 days, by Joseph Smith, who was 25 years old.
•  Eleven men wrote or abridged the 522 pages of the Book of Mormon, with 515 of those pages being written by just 4 men (Nephi, Jacob, Mormon, and Moroni).
.    Enos and Jarom wrote 4 of the remaining 7 pages.  The other 3 pages were written by 5 men.
•  There are over 300,000 words in the Book of Mormon, but only 3,000 different words are used.
•  There are over 280 new names in the Book of Mormon, but there are no names that begin with the letters D, F, Q, U, V, W, X, or Y.  The most common
.    starting letter for Book of Mormon names is ‘A’, with 36 different personal names beginning with that letter.
•  Nephi, in 1 Nephi and 2 Nephi, used 578 words not used by any other writer in the Book of Mormon.  Alma used 683 words not duplicated by any other
.    Book of Mormon author.  Each of the eleven Book of Mormon writers used words not used by any other writer.
•  Over one-third of the Book of Mormon (177 pages) is about war.  There are 54 chapters dealing with war, 21 chapters dealing with historical events, 55
.    chapters dealing with visions or prophecies, 71 chapters dealing with doctrine and exhortation, and 21 chapters dealing with the personal ministry of
.    Jesus Christ on the American continent.
•  The longest chapter in the Book of Mormon is Jacob 5.
•  Only six women are mentioned by name in the Book of Mormon (Mary, Eve, Sarah, Sariah, Isabel, and Abish) but many other women play crucial roles in
.    narrative of the Book of Mormon.
•  The word ‘gospel’ is used 30 times before the coming of Christ in the Book of Mormon.  The Old Testament doesn’t mention it even once.  The New
.    Testament mentions it frequently.
•  There are at least six instances of ‘humor’ in the Book of Mormon.  These six are Alma 9:2-3, Alma 55:30-32, Alma 57:10, Helaman 5:24, Ether 2:20,
.    and Ether 15:31.
•  The Savior Jesus Christ is called by at least 101 different names in the Book of Mormon.  On the average, some reference is made to Jesus every 1.7
.    verses throughout the Book of Mormon.  Moroni has the most references per verse (166 times in 163 verses) and 3 Nephi has the least (293 times
.    in 788 verses).
•  Only one time is Christ called the ‘Eternal Judge’ in the Book of Mormon.  That one time is in the very last verse of the Book of Mormon, Moroni 10:34)
.    How fitting!


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