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General Book of Mormon quiz questions

Some of these Book of Mormon quiz questions were found in the Jots and Tittles game published by Deseret Book many years ago. Click here to return to the Book of Mormon menu page

  1. Into what language did King Mosiah translate the plates of Ether?  Answer: The Nephite language.
  2. Gid and Teomner were military leaders in what army?  Answer: The Nephite army.
  3. Tubaloth served as king over what group of people?  Answer: The Lamanites.
  4. Who disguised himself, learned the secret signs of Kishkumen, and was able to slay Kishkumen?  Answer: A servant of Helaman.
  5. For what reason does Moroni write a condemning letter to Pahoran?  Answer: For sending insufficient supplies and aid to the Nephite army.
  6. Why had Pahoran not been able to send aid to Moroni’s armies?  Answer:  A group of king-men had overtaken his judgment seat.
  7. With whom did the king-men form an alliance?  Answer: The Lamanites.
  8. Who was Pachus?  Answer: The man appointed king by the king-men in Zarahemla.
  9. Who revealed the secret oaths, signs, and words to Gadianton?  Answer: Satan.
  10. Gadianton became the leader of whose band?  Answer: Kishkumen’s band.
  11. Who organized a band of people who covenanted to tell no one of his guilt as a murderer?  Answer: Kishkumen.
  12. In the 46th year of the judges, the people who migrated morthward became expert in working with what material?  Answer: Cement.
  13. Helaman’s sons, Nephi and Lehi, were cast into the same prison that other missionaries had been thrown into.  Who were the other missionaries?  Answer: Ammon and his brethren.
  14. In what land were Helaman’s sons, Nephi and Lehi, cast into prison?  Answer: The land of Lehi-Nephi.
  15. Who were the only people to whom Alma, Amulek, and Zeezrom went together as missionaries?  Answer: The Zoramites.
  16. Aminidab saw Helaman’s sons, Nephi and Lehi, conversing with what or whom?  Answer: Angels of God.
  17. How did Helaman’s army capture the city of Cumeni?  Answer: By cutting off supplies to the people until they surrendered.
  18. While defending the city of Cumeni, how many of Helaman’s 2,060 stripling warriors were wounded?  Answer: All of them.
  19. Lamanites who covenanted not to take up their weapons against the Nephites were sent to live with what people?  Answer: The people of Ammon.
  20. Who killed Ammoron?  Answer: Teancum.
  21. What weapon did Teancum use to kill Ammoron?  Answer: A javelin.
  22. What were Moroni’s terms of exchange of prisoners with the Lamanites?  Answer: One Nephite man along with his wife and children in exchange for each Lamanite man.
  23. To what city did Moroni go to release the Nephite prisoners?  Answer: The city of Gid.
  24. Moroni searched for a Lamanite prisoner who was a descendant of what man to assist him in releasing the Nephites?  Answer:  Laman.
  25. What did Moroni have his Lamanite prisoner take to the Lamanites guarding the Nephite prisoners?  Answer:  Wine.
  26. Why was Moroni able to take the city of Gid without bloodshed?  Answer:  The guards became drunk and went to sleep.
  27. When the Lamanites guarding the city of Gid awoke in the morning, what did they find?  Answer: The Nephites surrounded them outside and their prisoners inside were armed.
  28. What labor did Moroni have his Lamanite prisoners perform?  Answer: Build forts around his cities.
  29. How did the Nephites test the wine given them by the Lamanites to see if it was poisoned?  Answer: They had their Lamanite prisoners drink some of the wine.
  30. Helaman led the 2,000 warriors to join the troops of what leader under Moroni?  Answer: Antipus.
  31. How was Amalickiah killed?  Answer: Teancum put a javelin through his heart.
  32. When was the last time Alma the younger was seen?  Answer: He left Zarahemla headed toward Melek and was never seen again.
  33. Alma the younger conferred the plates and sacred things upon his son because what man would not take them?  Answer: Nephihah.
  34. The freemen supported what type of government?  Answer: Rule by judges.
  35. What was the name of the group that supported Pahoran in the elections?  Answer: Freemen.
  36. When Amalickiah approached with his army, what group refused to assist in the defense of their nation?  Answer: The king-men.
  37. What happened to the king-men who refused to assist in the defense of the Nephite nation?  Answer: They were killed by Moroni’s men, and their leaders were imprisoned.
  38. When the major war in the 25th year of the judges began, who led the Lamanite armies to battle?  Answer: Amalickiah.
  39. What Nephite warrior killed Morianton and Amalickiah?  Answer: Teancum.
  40. In the total group of Lamanite prisoners Moroni took, there were no what?  Answer:  Women or children.
  41. What happened on the last day of the last month of the 25th year of the reign of the judges?  Answer: Teancum killed Amalickiah.
  42. Who was Ammoron’s brother?  Answer: Amalickiah.
  43. What position did Ammoron hold?  Answer: King of the Lamanites.
  44. Why did Moroni tell Teancum to take as many Lamanite prisoners as possible?  Answer: So they could be used as ransom for the release of Nephite prisoners.
  45. What group of people were not required to fight under Moroni in the war against the Lamanites?  Answer: The people of Ammon.
  46. Who persuaded the people of Ammon not to break their covenant by taking up their weapons of war?  Answer: Helaman.
  47. Why were the sons of the people of Ammon able to go to war in defense of the Nephites?  Answer:  Unlike their parents, they had not made a covenant to refrain from the use of weapons of war.
  48. How many of the sons of the people of Ammon covenanted to fight for the liberty of the Nephites?  Answer: Two thousand.
  49. The 2,000 stripling warriors led by Helaman were the sons of what people?  Answer: The people of Ammon
  50. The people of Ammon moved from Jershon to Melek so that who could occupy the land in Jershon?  Answer: The Nephite armies who were preparing for battle.
  51. When Alma the Younger took missionaries to the Zoramites, who was left in charge of the church in Zarahemla?  Answer: Himni.
  52. Which two of his sons did Alma the Younger take with him to preach to the Zoramites?  Answer: Shiblon and Corianton.
  53. What was the purpose of the pillar in the center of the Zoramites’ synagogue?  Answer: It was for a person to stand on while praying.
  54. What was the pillar in the center of the Zoramites’ synagogue called?  Answer: Rameumpton.
  55. What does the Semitic prefix ram, as in Ramuempton and Ramah, indicate?  Answer: “A high place”.  (see CBM, p. 213)
  56. What people were not allowed to enter the synagogues of the Zoramites?  Answer: The poor.
  57. On what hill was Alma the younger speaking when the poor of the Zoramites came to him?  Answer: Onidah.
  58. How did the prophet Zenock’s life end?  Answer: He was stoned to death.
  59. With what did Moroni equip his army that Zerahemnah did not have?  Answer: Armor.
  60. Besides Alma the younger, who spoke to the Zoramites on the hill Onidah?  Answer: Amulek.
  61. The Zoramites who believed the teachings of Alma the younger were given what land for their inheritance?  Answer: Jershon.
  62. Which son did Alma the younger assign to continue the record on the plates of Nephi?  Answer: Helaman.
  63. The non-converted Zoramites joined with what people?  Answer: The Lamanites.
  64. In the eighteenth year of the judges, who was the leader of the Lamanites?  Answer: Zarahemnah.
  65. Because of their murderous disposition, Zerahemnah chose captains for the Lamanite army from what people?  Answer: The Amalekites.
  66. In the eighteenth year of the judges, who was the captain of the Nephite army?  Answer: Moroni.
  67. What did the Anti-Nephi-Lehi people do with their weapons of war?  Answer: They buried them in the earth.
  68. When the sons of Mosiah met Alma the younger near Zarahemla, who was so overjoyed that he fell to the earth?  Answer: Ammon.
  69. What did the Nephites in Zarahemla call the Anti-Nephi-Lehi people?  Answer: The people of Ammon.
  70. Who said, “O that I were an angel, and could have the wish of my heart”?  Answer: Alma the younger.
  71. What anti-Christ came to the land of Zarahemla in the 17th year of the judges?  Answer: Korihor.
  72. Who gave the only known instruction to the Nephites on tithing?  Answer: The resurrected Christ.
  73. The only definite reference to the law of tithing in the Book of Mormon is from the words of what ancient prophet?  Answer: Malachi.
  74. Who was the first high priest before whom Korihor was taken by the people?  Answer: Ammon.
  75. What did Ammon have the people of Jershon do with Korihor?  Answer: Escort him out of their land.
  76. Before what high priest in the land of Gideon was Korihor taken?  Answer: Giddonah.
  77. To whom did Giddonah send Korihor?  Answer: Alma and Nephihah.
  78. What was the sign given to Korihor of the existence of God?  Answer: He was struck dumb.
  79. Who did Korihor say appeared to him in the form of an angel and told him there was no God?  Answer: The devil.
  80. What happened to Korihor’s converts when they heard what happened to him?  Answer: They were all converted to the Lord.
  81. What was Korihor reduced to doing to support himself?  Answer: He became a beggar.
  82. What group of people ran down Korihor and trod on him until he was dead?  Answer: The Zoramites.
  83. Why did the Lamanite army under Zerahemnah retreat from the Nephite army at Jershon?  Answer: The Lamanites had no armor, but the Nephites did.
  84. How did Moroni know that Zerahemnah’s army was preparing to attack the Nephites at Manti?  Answer: Moroni sent messengers to Alma, who was given the information by the Lord.
  85. Breastplates, arm-shields, head-plates, and thick clothing were the armor supplied to the Nephite army by what leader?  Answer: Moroni.
  86. What did a soldier of Moroni do to Zerahemnah?  Answer: Broke his sword and cut off his scalp.
  87. The record of the battles between Moroni and Zerahemnah ends the record of what writer?  Answer: Alma the Younger.
  88. How did Moroni fortify all the cites of the Nephites?  Answer: By surrounding them with mounds of dirt upon which stood timber fences.
  89. The Title of Liberty was a result of Moroni’s anger against what man?  Answer: Amalickiah.
  90. Sixty-eight chapters (nearly one-third) of the Book of Mormon are devoted to recording what type of event?  Answer:  Wars between the Nephites and Lamanites.
  91. How old was Moroni when he became leader of the Nephite army?  Answer: Twenty-five years old.
  92. In memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children” was written upon what?  Answer: The banner called ‘The Title of Liberty’.
  93. What did Moroni tear to use for the Title of Liberty?  Answer: His coat.
  94. What did the people do to show they covenanted to maintain Moroni’s Title of Liberty?  Answer: They rent their garments and cast them at Moroni’s feet.
  95. Who arranged the murders of Lehonti and the king of the Lamanites in order that he might usurp the throne?  Answer: Amalickiah.
  96. Why did Amalickiah choose Zoramites as captains in the Lamanite armies?  Answer: They were the most familiar with the ways of the Nephites.
  97. What did Moroni have built to protect his armies?  Answer: Small forts and stone walls.
  98. What did the Lamanites, under Amalickiah, use for weapons?  Answer: Stones and arrows.
  99. Amalickiah provided his army with thick garments made of what?  Answer:  Animal skins.
  100. Who told Moroni of Morianton’s plan to lead a group of people to the north and take possession of that land?  Answer: Morianton’s maid servant who had been beaten by Morianton.
  101. Who was Pahoran’s father?  Answer: Nephihah.
  102. Where did Ether hide while he was writing the Jaredite record?  Answer:  In a cave in a rock.
  103. How did Coriantumr invite the armies of Shiz to battle at the hill Comnor?  Answer: He blew a trumpet.
  104. Who killed Shiz?  Answer: Coriantumr.
  105. How many sons and daughters did the brother of Jared have?  Answer: Twenty-two.
  106. Jacom, Gilgah, Mahah, and Orihah were the four sons of whom?  Answer: Jared.
  107. Who was the only son of all the sons of Jared and his brother who would agree to be king of the Jaredites?  Answer: Orihah.
  108. Which son of Orihah reigned after him?  Answer: Kib.
  109. Which son of Kib put Kib and his people in captivity?  Answer: Corihor.
  110. Who was Shule’s father?  Answer: Kib.
  111. Who convinced Jared, son of Omer, to form a secret combination?  Answer: His daughter.
  112. Who danced for Akish?  Answer: The daughter of Jared, son of Omer.
  113. Who did Jared, son of Omer, kill?  Answer: Akish.
  114. What were cureloms and cummoms?  Answer: Animals used by the Jaredites.
  115. Of the twelve chief judges in the Book of Mormon, how many died in office of natural causes?  Answer: Three.
  116. How many men are identified in the Book of Mormon as serving as chief judge?  Answer: Twelve.
  117. Of the chief judges named in the Book of Mormon, how many were killed in office?  Answer: Six.
  118. Of the chief judges named in the Book of Mormon, how many resigned to pursue missionary work?  Answer: Two.
  119. Which of the chief judges in the Book of Mormon resigned to do missionary work?  Answer: Alma the younger and Nephi, son of Helaman II.
  120. What person did Nephi, son of Helaman II, select to take the judgment seat when he resigned?  Answer: Cezoram.
  121. Who was the last of the chief judges in the Book of Mormon?  Answer: Lachoneus II
  122. How long did Alma the Younger serve as chief judge?  Answer: Eight years.
  123. What member of Lehi’s party died before they sailed for the American Continent?  Answer: Ishmael.
  124. By whom was Pahoran II murdered?  Answer: Kishkumen.
  125. By who was Pacumeni killed?  Answer: Coriantumr, the apostate Nephite.
  126. Among Indian tribes of South America, who was Quetzalcoatl?  Answer: A great white god.
  127. What does F.A.R.M.S. stand for?  Answer: Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies.
  128. What type of organizations are S.E.H.A. and F.A.R.M.S.?  Answer: Organizations for scholarly works related to the Book of Mormon.
  129. What group of people were descendants of the prophets Zenos and Enock?  Answer: The Nephites.
  130. Senine, seon, shum, and limnah were all monetary amounts of what metal?  Answer: Gold.
  131. A senum of silver was equal to a senine of what?  Answer: Gold.
  132. In Nephite coinage, what as the name for the smallest designation of gold?  Answer: Senine.
  133. What is the shortest book in the Book of Mormon?  Answer: Jarom.
  134. Who hid all the records in the Hill Cumorah except those he gave to Moroni?  Answer: Mormon.
  135. What is the longest book in the Book of Mormon?  Answer: Alma.
  136. The plates of Ether contained information on what events not included by Moroni in his abridgment?  Answer: Those preceding the Tower of Babel.
  137. After the battle at the Hill Cumorah, how many Nephites remained there besides Mormon and Moroni?  Answer: Twenty-two.
  138. What did three of the Nephite disciples request of Christ that the other nine did not?  Answer: That they might tarry on the earth until the Second Coming.
  139. Whom did Jared ask to plead with the Lord not to confound their language?  Answer: His brother.
  140. What particular insect did the Jaredites carry with them in their barges that is named in the Book of Mormon?  Answer: The honey bee.
  141. How did the brother of Jared get the stones used to light the barges?  Answer: He melted them out of rock.
  142. How long did the Jaredites sail in the great sea before they arrived in the promised land?  Answer: Three hundred and forty-four days.
  143. Nephi, Amos, Amos, and Ammaron are the historians who wrote the material covered in what book?  Answer: Fourth Nephi.
  144. How many historians wrote the material covered in the book of 4 Nephi?  Answer: Four.
  145. When Mormon was 15 years old, by whom was he visited?  Answer: The Lord.
  146. What is the literal meaning of the word MormonAnswer: More good.
  147. How many different men named Nephi were historians of the material found in the Book of Mormon?  Answer: Three.
  148. Why did Mormon refuse to continue to lead the Nephite armies?  Answer: The Nephites wanted to make an ‘offensive’ attack on the Lamanites.
  149. Votan, Wixepechocha, Sume, and Bochica are all name for what?  Answer: The Great White God of several South American peoples.
  150. What person in South American legends is described as a tall white man, bearded, and with blue eyes?  Answer: The Great White God.
  151. Where did Mormon move when he was 11 years old?  Answer: To the land of Zarahemla.
  152. After the division of the people in A.D. 231, the name Nephite referred to what people?  Answer: The faithful believers in Christ.
  153. For approximately 160 years after Christ visited the Nephites, there were no “-ites”.  Which “-ite” was the first name used again after that time?  Answer: Lamanite.
  154. The first publishing of what part of the Book of Mormon appeared in the Wayne SentinelAnswer: The Title Page.
  155. The material on the lost 116 pages of manuscript is sometimes called what?  Answer: The Book of Lehi.
  156. In what book was the claim first made that Joseph Smith copied Solomon Spaulding’s manuscript?  Answer:  Mormonism Unveiled. 
  157. What was “Lono” the name for?  Answer: The Great White God of the Hawaiian Islands.
  158. “Popol Vuh”, the stating of a belief in a heavenly father, mother, and son, is the sacred book of what ancient people?  Answer: The Quiche Mayans.
  159. Fuertes said the Toltecan Indians, according to their last king’s grandson, descended from what people?  Answer: The Children of Israel led by Moses.
  160. What man, arriving in Mexico in 1520, was thought to be the returning Great White God?  Answer: Hernando Cortez.
  161. In the Hawaiian Islands, what man was thought to be the Great White God coming for the second time?  Answer: Captain James Cook.
  162. The people of Zarahemla are often referred to by what name that never appears in the Book of Mormon?  Answer: The Mulekites.
  163. What book in the Book of Mormon mentions the three groups of people who left Jerusalem?  Answer: Omni.
  164. The second edition of the Book of Mormon was published under the direction of what Church leader?  Answer:  Parley P. Pratt.
  165. The phrase stating that the Lamanites would become “pure and delightsome” was first printed in what Book of Mormon edition?  Answer: The 1840 edition.  The change was made by Joseph Smith.
  166. What book in the Book of Mormon gives the account of Christ’s visit to the Nephites after His resurrection?  Answer: Third Nephi.
  167. Seven measures of grain was equal to what amount of gold in Nephite coinage?  Answer:  A limnah.
  168. Who made the plates on which Nephi wrote his abridgment of his father’s record?  Answer: Nephi.
  169. Whose tent did Nephi go to after speaking with the Lord?  Answer: The tent of his father, Lehi.
  170. Why was Laban lying on the ground when Nephi found him?  Answer:  He was drunk.
  171. Who was the first Nephite historian to hide the sacred records?  Answer: Ammaron.
  172. What color was the fruit of the tree in Lehi’s vision?  Answer: White.
  173. What did Lehi say tasted “sweet, above all that I ever before tasted”?  Answer: The fruit of the tree in the vision.
  174. Who was the woman Nephi saw in his vision?  Answer: Mary, the mother of Jesus.
  175. What happened to the large building in Nephi’s vision?  Answer: It fell.
  176. Why were the daughters of Ishmael so sad at Nahom?  Answer: Because of the death of their father.
  177. In the year King Uzziah died, who did Isaiah see sitting on a throne in the temple?  Answer: The Lord.
  178. How did Isaiah say the seraphim covered their feet?  Answer: With two of their wings.
  179. How many wings did Isaiah say the seraphim had?  Answer: Six.
  180. What did the seraphim lay on Isaiah’s mouth?  Answer: A coal from off the altar.
  181. According to Isaiah, in the millennium with whom will the wolf dwell?  Answer: The lamb.
  182. Why did Nephi, son of Lehi, appoint a man to be king over his people?  Answer: Because he knew he was going to die soon.
  183. In the olive tree allegory, what happened to the branches that did not bring forth good fruit?  Answer: They were broken off and cast into the fire.
  184. In the olive tree allegory, where was the last branch of the tree planted?  Answer: In a good spot of ground.
  185. When Jacob said farewell, where did he say he would meet us?  Answer: Before the bar of God.
  186. Some people believed Ammon was a ‘monster’ sent by whom?  Answer: The Nephites.
  187. What happened to the man who tried to kill Ammon because Ammon had killed his brother?  Answer: He was struck dead.
  188. Lamoni’s father said Ammon was a child of what?  Answer: A liar.
  189. Who did the Amalekites believe would be saved by God?  Answer: All men.
  190. The Amalekites built synagogues after what order?  Answer: The Order of the Nehors.
  191. What was Lamoni’s father willing to give away to know God?  Answer: All his sins.
  192. Lamoni’s father sent out a proclamation that who should have free access to the Lamanites’ homes, temples, and sanctuaries?  Answer: The sons of Mosiah and their companions.
  193. Korihor claimed that a belief in remission of sins was the result of what?  Answer: A frenzied or deranged mind.
  194. The Zoramites believed that God ws what?  Answer: A spirit.
  195. With what class of people did the missionaries to the Zoramites have their most success?  Answer: The poor people.
  196. Knowing that Alma was a prophet, what did the Nephite captain Zoram ask him?  Answer: Where to look for the Nephites taken captive.
  197. Who was the senior or chief missionary among the sons of Mosiah?  Answer: Ammon.
  198. Who determined the fate of any Nephites taken captive?  Answer: The Lamanite king to whom they were brought.
  199. What did Ammon do to the men that tried to club him?  Answer: He cut off their arms with his sword.
  200. What kind of man did Omni describe himself as?  Answer: A wicked man.
  201. After king Benjamin spoke to the people, why did they fall to the earth?  Answer: They were afraid.
  202. What did king Noah have built near the temple?  Answer:  A lookout tower.
  203. What king in the Book of Mormon had wine presses built?  Answer:  Noah.
  204. What king and his people in the Book of Mormon are described as ‘wine-bibbers’?  Answer:  Noah and his people.
  205. During the days of king Noah, who possessed the land of Shemlon?  Answer: The Lamanites.
  206. What law did king Noah’s priests say they taught the people?  Answer: The law of Moses.
  207. In what book of the Book of Mormon do we find the Ten Commandments?  Answer: Mosiah.
  208. Jarom says the Nephites made tools of every kind for what purpose?  Answer: To till the ground.
  209. What four kinds of metal did Jarom say the Nephites used to make tools?  Answer:  Iron, copper, brass, steel.
  210. For what purpose did Enos go into the forest?  Answer: To hunt.
  211. When Alma the elder arrived in Zarahemla, what other three groups of people were already there?  Answer:  Mulekites, descendants of Nephi, and Limhi’s people led by Ammon.
  212. Who sent out a proclamation in Zarahemla that there was to be no persecution of members of the Church?  Answer: King Mosiah.
  213. What two men did king Mosiah contrast as examples of kings?  Answer: Benjamin and Noah.
  214. To whom could the people of Zarahemla appeal a decision made by a judge?  Answer: A higher judge or a group of lower judges.
  215. How many years does the book of Alma cover?  Answer: 39 years.
  216. Amlici followed the order of whom?  Answer: Nehor.
  217. Who refused to believe that Lamoni was dead and sent for Ammon?  Answer: The wife of Lamoni.
  218. When Benjamin’s people came to hear him speak, what did they bring to offer as a sacrifice?  Answer: The firstlings of their flocks.
  219. In finishing his record, Mormon took information from what plates?  Answer: The plates of Nephi.
  220. What rule did king Benjamin give about borrowing from neighbors?  Answer: Return what was borrowed as agreed upon.
  221. What does “Rabbanah” mean?  Answer: Powerful or great king.
  222. What work was Ammon given to do by Lamoni?  Answer: To watch his flocks.
  223. What did the Lord promise Mosiah concerning his sons and the Lamanites?  Answer: The Lamanites would not be able to kill them.
  224. What happened to king Lamoni when he believed Ammon and cried to the Lord?  Answer: He fell to the ground as if he were dead.
  225. Whom did Lamoni say he had seen while unconscious for two days?  Answer: The Redeemer.
  226. What converted Abish to the Lord?  Answer: A remarkable vision.
  227. Father Diego de Landa claimed that the Yucatan Indians were practicing what ordinance when the Europeans arrived in the Americas?  Answer: Baptism.
  228. What does the Mayan word Caputcihil, used for baptism, mean?  Answer: Born again.
  229. Where do we find Moroni’s promise to us concerning the truth of the Book of Mormon?  Answer: Moroni 10:3-5.
  230. Habakkuk and Zephaniah were prophets to the Jews during the time of what Book of Mormon person?  Answer: Lehi.
  231. Lehi blessed Zoram with the same inheritance as which of his sons?  Answer:  Nephi.
  232. Whom did the Nephites in Jacob’s day claim as examples to justify their concubines?  Answer:  David and Solomon.
  233. What marriage law was taught to the Nephites?  Answer: That each man should have only one wife.
  234. In the allegory of the tame and wild olive trees, the tame olive tree symbolized what?  Answer: The House of Israel.
  235. In the allegory of the tame and wild olive trees,the wild olive tree symbolized what?  Answer:  The Gentiles.
  236. In the allegory of the tame and wild olive trees, the vineyard symbolized what?  Answer:  The world.
  237. Whose teachings on prayer did Alma quote to the Zoramites?  Answer:  Zenos’s.
  238. What did Zerahemnah believe had preserved the Nephites in their battle against his armies?  Answer:  Their armor and their cunning.
  239. What did Zerahemnah covenant with Moroni?  Answer:  That his army would never again come against the Nephites in war.
  240. Where were the dead soldiers of Zerahemnah and Moroni buried?  Answer:  In the river Sidon.
  241. On what hill was Nehor put to death?  Answer:  Manti.
  242. What was the molten sea in Solomon’s temple?  Answer: A baptismal font (2 Chronicles 4)
  243. What was the oracle in Solomon’s temple?  Answer: The Holy of Holies.
  244. The Plains of Agosh were a great battlefield for which Book of Mormon people?  Answer: Jaredites.
  245. When the people of Alma escaped from the Lamanites in the land of Helam, they pitched their tents in what valley?  Answer: Valley of Alma.
  246. Alma and his people left the Valley of Alma and traveled 12 days to what city?  Answer: Zarahemla.
  247. What city was inhabited almost exclusively by the followers of Nehor and was notorious for its wickedness?  Answer: City of Ammonihah.
  248. Name the land settled by one of Noah’s wicked priests and his men which later became a stronghold for apostates.  Answer: Land of Amulon.
  249. Name the area inhabited by the Zoramites to which Alma and his brethren went and from which the believers were cast out.  Answer: Land of Antionum.
  250. Believers who were driven out of the land of Antionum found refuge among the Ammonites in what land?  Answer: Jershon.
  251. What was the land called in North America in which was situated the hill called Shim?  Answer: Antum.
  252. What was the name of the chief city in the Land Bountiful?  Answer: City of Bountiful.
  253. In what modern country does the land Bountiful,from which Lehi’s family sailed to America, lie?  Answer: Arabia.
  254. Before it was settled it was a wilderness filled with wild animals of every kind.  What was it called?  Answer: Land of Bountiful.
  255. Name the land that was bordered on the south by the land Bountiful and was inhabited by the Jaredites and then the Nephites?  Answer: Land of Desolation.
  256. What was the name given to the spot where the city of Ammonihah once stood?  Answer: Desolation of Nehors.
  257. Were Helaman’s 2,000 soldiers Nephites or Lamanites?  Answer: Lamanites.
  258. The pronunciation guide was first published in the edition of the Book of Mormon published in what year?  Answer: 1920.
  259. The first edition of he Book of Mormon with chapter headings and an index was published when?  Answer: 1920.
  260. The Temple of Kukulkan in Chichen Itza was built in honor of whom?  Answer:  The White and Bearded God.
  261. In the name Anti-Nephi-Lehi, to what did the terms Nephi and Lehi refer?  Answer: The lands of Nephi and Lehi and the people living there.
  262. Why was Korihor referred to as an anti-Christ?  Answer: Because he denied Christ.
  263. How often did the Zoramites pray?  Answer: Once per week.
  264. The Zoramites did not believe in what law?  Answer: The Law of Moses.
  265. What was the Zoramites’ belief regarding Christ?  Answer: There was no Christ.
  266. What did the Zoramites build to worship in?  Answer: Synagogues.
  267. What people that Alma the younger preached to believed they were chosen to be the elect of God?  Answer: The Zoramites.
  268. The sermons of what two men to the Zoramites are recorded in the Book of Mormon?  Answer: Alma and Amulek.
  269. What information from the 24 plates did Alma the younger tell his son Helaman to withhold?  Answer: The secret oaths and covenants.
  270. By what men in the Book of Mormon is the prophet Zenos quoted?  Answer: Nephi, Jacob, Alma, Amulek, Samuel, and Mormon.
  271. Coriantumr was the last king of what people?  Answer: The Jaredites.
  272. What book followed the Book of Lehi on the large plates of Nephi?  Answer: Mosiah.

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