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Mosiah 27

Mosiah 27


623. (H-E) The persecutions which were inflicted upon the church by
unbelievers became so great that all of the following happened EXCEPT:

         A. The church began to murmur

         B. The church complained to their
leaders concerning the persecution

         C. The church sought permission from
their leaders to persecute the unbelievers

         D. The leaders of the church
complained to
Alma concerning the persecution

         E. Alma laid the matter before king Mosiah

         F. Mosiah consulted with his priests

C   (Mosiah 27:1)]


624. (H-E) All of
the following happened at this time EXCEPT:

         A. King Mosiah sent out a proclamation
that no unbeliever could persecute any who belonged to the
church of God

         B. There was a strict command in the
church that there should be no persecution amongst themselves

         C. There was a command that there
should be only minor inequalities among men

         D. There was a command that men should
let no pride or haughtiness disturb their peace

         E. There was a command that every man
should esteem his neighbor as himself, laboring with their own hands for their

C   (Mosiah 27:2-4)]


625. (H-E) There was
a command throughout the churches that priests and teachers should labor with
their own hands for their support except in two

         circumstances.  What were those two circumstances?

         A. Illness and lack of desire

         B. Sickness and want

         C. Old age and senility

         D. Debility and need

B   (Mosiah 27:5)]


626. (D-M) By eliminating persecution, pride, and haughtiness from the
churches, the people abounded in what?

         A. Wealth

         B. Riches

         C. Prosperity

         D. Equality

         E. The grace of God

         F. The gifts of the spirit

E   (Mosiah 27:5)]


627. (H-M) By eliminating persecution, pride, and haughtiness from the
churches and by laboring with their own hands for their support, the people of

all of the following EXCEPT:

         A. They established open communication
and commerce with the Lamanites

         B. There began to be much peace in the

         C. The people began to be very
numerous and to scatter abroad

         D. They built large cities and

         E. The Lord
did visit them and prosper them

         F. They became a large and wealthy

C   (Mosiah 27:6-7)]


628. (H-E) True or
false: The sons of Mosiah and Alma, the son of
Alma, were numbered among the believers.

False   (Mosiah 27:8)]


629. (H-M) All of
the following accurately describe Alma, the son of

         A. He was a very wicked and idolatrous

         B. He was a man of many words, and
spoke much flattery to the people

         C. He led many away into iniquity

         D. He was a great hinderment to the
prosperity of the church

         E. He stole away the hearts of many
and caused great dissension among the people

         F. He was unsuccessful in giving
Satan, the enemy of God, a chance to exercise his power over the people

F   (Mosiah 27:8-9)]


630. (H-M) An angel
of God appeared unto Alma and the sons of Mosiah at the time that they were
doing all of the following EXCEPT:

         A. Going about secretly and seeking to destroy the church of God

         B. Seeking to lead astray the people
of the Lord

         C. Going contrary to the commandments
of God and the king

         D. Rebelling against God

         E. Inciting hatred for the Nephites
amongst the Lamanites

E   (Mosiah 27:10-11)]


(H-E) All of the following occurred when the angel of God
appeared to Alma

         A. The angel spake, as it were, with the voice of

         B. The angel descended in a cloud, as
it were

         C. The voice of the angel caused the
earth to shake

         D. Initially, Alma and the sons of
Mosiah understood perfectly the words of the angel

         E. The angel told Alma to arise and stand forth, and
asked him why he was persecuting the church

D   (Mosiah 27:11-13)]


(D-M) The angel told
Alma that the church was the Lord’s
and that He has established it, and that nothing would overthrow the church
save it be one thing. 

        What was that one thing?

         A. Open rebellion

         B. The Lamanites

         C. The transgression of the people

         D. Pride and haughtiness

         E. Idolatry

C   (Mosiah 27: 13)]


(H-M) The angel that appeared to
Alma told Alma that he had appeared to him for
all of the following reasons

         A. To mete out the justice of God upon
the heads of
Alma and the sons of Mosiah

         B. The Lord
has heard the prayers of his people

         C. Alma, the father of Alma, had prayed with much faith
concerning his son, that he would be brought to the
knowledge of the truth

         D. To convince Alma of the power and authority of

         E. That the prayers of God’s servants
might be answered according to their faith

A   (Mosiah 27:14)]


(H-M) The angel asked
Alma all of the following questions EXCEPT:

         A. Can ye dispute the power of God?

         B. Will ye continue to kick against
the pricks?

         C. Doth not my voice shake the earth?

         D. Can ye not behold me before you?

B   (Mosiah 27:15)]


635. (H-M)
The angel said all of the following to Alma

         A. I am sent from God

         B. Remember the captivity of your
fathers in the
land of Nephi

         C. Remember the captivity of the
Israelites in the
land of Egypt

         D. Remember what great things God has
done for your fathers

         E. Remember that your fathers were in
bondage and God delivered them

         F. Go thy way and seek to destroy the
church no more, that the prayers of the believers may be answered

         G. Go thy way and seek to destroy the
church no more, even if thou wilt of thyself be cast off

C   (Mosiah 27:15-16)]


(H-E) All of the following statements concerning the
visit of the angel to
Alma are true EXCEPT:

         A. After the angel departed, Alma and those that
were with him again fell to the earth in great astonishment

         B. Alma and the sons of Mosiah heard
the voice of the angel but did not see his personage

         C. The voice of the angel was as
thunder, which shook the earth

         D. Alma knew that nothing save the power
of God could have caused the earth to shake and tremble as though it would part

         E. The astonishment of Alma was so great that he became dumb
and could not open his mouth

         F. Alma became so weak that he could
not move his hands

         G. Alma was carried helpless and was
laid before his father by the sons of Mosiah

B   (Mosiah 27:18-19)]


(H-M) When Alma, the father of
Alma, heard all that had transpired
with the appearance of the angel, he did all of the following

         A. He rejoiced, knowing that the power
of God had been wrought in his son’s life

         B. He cause that a multitude should
gather together to witness what the Lord had done for his son

         C. He caused that the priests should assemble
together to pray

         D. He wept bitterly, fearing for the
life of his son

D   (Mosiah 27:20-22)]








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