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Mosiah 25 ( ** )

Mosiah 25

591.  (H-D) Zarahemla was a descendant of:
         A. Lehi
         B. Zoram
         C. Ishmael
         D. Mulek
         E. The brother of Jared
                                                                                                                                    Answer:  D   (Mosiah 25:2)

592.  (H-D) Which of the following choices lists the three groups of people in order from most numerous to least numerous (as Mosiah 25 unfolds):
         A. Descendants of Nephi, descendants of Mulek, descendants of Laman
         B. Descendants of Laman, descendants of Mulek, descendants of Nephi
         C. Descendants of Laman, descendants of Nephi, descendants of Mulek
         D. Descendants of Nephi, descendants of Laman, descendants of Mulek
                                                                                                                            Answer:  B   (Mosiah 25:2-3)

593.  (H-M) True or false: The people of Nephi plus the people of Zarahemla added together were not even half as numerous as the Lamanites at this time.
                                                                                                                            Answer:  True   (Mosiah 25:3)

594.  (H-M) With all of the people gathered together, Mosiah had which records read to them?
         A. The records of Zeniff
         B. The records of Alma and his brethren
         C. The brass plates
         D. The record of Ether
         E. Both A and B
                                                                                                                             Answer:  E   (Mosiah 25:5-6)

595.  (H-M) When Mosiah made an end of reading the records to the people, they experienced all of the following EXCEPT:
         A. They were struck with wonder and amazement, and knew not what to think
         B. They were filled with exceeding great joy as they thought of those who had been delivered out of bondage
         C. They rent their clothing and gnashed their teeth as they thought of their brethren who had been slain by the Lamanites
         D. They raised their voices and gave thanks to the Lord for his immediate goodness and power in delivering Alma’s people from bondage
         E. They were filled with pain and anguish when they thought of the sinful and polluted state of the Lamanites
                                                                                                                           Answer:  C   (Mosiah 25:7-11)

596.  (H-M) All of the following statements concerning the children of Amulon and the other former priests of Noah are true EXCEPT:
         A. They were displeased with the conduct of their fathers
         B. They would no longer be called by the names of their fathers
         C. They took upon themselves the name of Nephi and were called the children of Nephi
         D. They prayed that the Lord would curse Amulon and his brethren with famine and drought
         E. They were numbered among those who were called Nephites
                                                                                                                          Answer:  D   (Mosiah 25:12)

597. (H-M) Why were the people of Zarahemla numbered with the Nephites?
         A. Because ‘Nephi’ was easier to pronounce than ‘Zarahemla’
         B. Because the kingdom had been conferred on those who were descendants of Nephi
         C. Because the Nephites possessed the plates of brass and other records
         D. Because the Nephites were more numerous than the people of Zarahemla
                                                                                                                        Answer:  B   (Mosiah 25:13)

598.  (D-E) After Mosiah finished speaking to the people, Alma spoke to them.  He preached concerning all of the following EXCEPT:
         A. Repentance
         B. Faith on the Lord
         C. The importance of abstaining from strong drink
         D. The importance of remembering that it was the Lord who had delivered them from bondage
                                                                                                                       Answer:  C   (Mosiah 25:15-16)

599.  (H-E) After Mosiah and Alma had spoken to the people, king Limhi and his people desired what?
         A. To build a temple
         B. To offer sacrifices
         C. To partake of the sacrament
         D. To be baptized
         E. To preach the word to the Lamanites
                                                                                                                                            Answer:  D   (Mosiah 25:17)

600.  (H-M) All of the following statements are true concerning the baptism of Limhi and his people EXCEPT:
         A. Alma baptized Limhi and then Limhi baptized his people
         B. These people were baptized after the manner of the baptisms at the waters of Mormon
         C. These that were baptized then belonged to the church of God
         D. Their belief on the words of Alma led to their baptism
                                                                                                                                            Answer:  A   (Mosiah 25:18)

601.  (D-M) Who granted unto Alma that he could establish churches and ordain priests and teachers?
         A. The Father
         B. The Son
         C. The Holy Spirit
         D. The Godhead
         E. King Mosiah
         F. Amulon
                                                                                                                                           Answer:  E   (Mosiah 25:19)

602.  (H-M) All of the following statements are FALSE EXCEPT:
         A. There were so few people at this time that they could all be governed by one teacher
         B. All the people could hear the word of God in one assembly
         C. The people assembled together in one body, called a church
         D. The one body, or church, had one priest and one teacher
         E. Every priest preached the word as it was delivered to him by Alma
                                                                                                                                       Answer:  E   (Mosiah 25:20-21) 

603. (D-E) Despite there being many churches among the Nephites, they were all one church, and nothing was preached in these churches except what?
         A. Tithing and the Word of Wisdom
         B. Sackcloth and ashes
         C. Repentance and faith in God
         D. Guilt and remorse of conscience
         E. Damnation and punishment for sin
                                                                                                                                           Answer: C   (Mosiah 25:22)

604. (H-M) There were how many churches in the land of Zarahemla?
         A. Six
         B. Seven
         C. Eight
         D. Nine
         E. Too many to count
                                                                                                                                        Answer:  B   (Mosiah 25:23)

605. (D-E) Those that joined the churches of God had all of the following characteristics in common EXCEPT:
         A. They were desirous to take upon themselves the name of Christ
         B. They were called the people of God
         C. The Lord poured out his spirit upon them
         D. They sent their sons on missions to the Lamanites
         E. They were blessed
         F. They prospered in the land
                                                                                                                                     Answer:  D   (Mosiah 25:23-24)

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