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Mosiah Chapter 19 ( ** )

Mosiah Chapter 19

499. (H-M) All of the following circumstances existed shortly after Alma and his people fled EXCEPT:
         A. The army of king Noah searched in vain for the people of Alma
         B. The army of the king was quite large, having grown in numbers
         C. There was a division among the people of Noah
         D. Some of the people of Noah made threats against the king
         E. There was great contention among the people of Noah
                                                                                                                                                         Answer:  B   (Mosiah 19:1-3)]

500. (H-M) Which of the following

describe Gideon?


         A. He was a strong man


         B. He
was an enemy to the king


         C. He swore that he would slay the king


         D. He fought with king


         E. He pursued king
Noah to a tower near the temple


         F. All of the above


         G. All of the above except E




F   (Mosiah 19:4-6)]



501. (H-M) Why did Gideon spare
Noah’s life?


         A. He had pity on him


         B. The
thought of shedding another man’s blood weighed upon Gideon’s soul


Noah’s wives and concubines pled with Gideon to spare Noah’s life


         D. The Lamanites were seen approaching the Nephite borders


Gideon didn’t want to kill a man so close to the temple




D   (Mosiah 19:7)]



502. (H-M) True or false: King Noah was more concerned
about the safety of his people than he was about his own life.




False   (Mosiah 19:8)] 



503. (H-E) The Lamanites pursued king
Noah and his people into the wilderness and began to slay them.  What command did king
Noah give to his peopleat this




         A. That they should stand and fight with the


         B. They they should
immediately surrender to the Lamanites


         C. That the men should leave their children
and wives and flee before the Lamanites


         D. That Noah’s priests should attempt to
preach to the Lamanites




C   (Mosiah



504. (H-M) “Many” of the Nephite men chose to
stay with their wives and children rather than to leave them and flee before
the Lamanites.  The Lamanites spared


        the lives of these families for all of the following reasons


         A. The Lord softened
the hearts of the Lamanites


         B. The daughters of the Nephite families
stood forth and pled with the Lamanites that they would not slay them


         C. The Lamanites had
compassion on the daughters of the Nephites


         D. The Lamanites
were charmed with the beauty of the daughters of the Nephites




A   (Mosiah



505. (H-M) After sparing the lives
of the Nephites (Noah’s people), the Lamanites did all of the following EXCEPT:


         A. Took the Nephites captive


         B. Carried the Nephites back to the land of Zarahemla


         C. Granted that the Nephites could possess a
part of the land


         D. Insisted that the Nephites would deliver king Noah into their hands


         E. Insisted that the Nephites would pay
one-half of all they possessed as a yearly tribute to the king of the Lamanites




B   (Mosiah



506. (H-M) Which of the following
statements INCORRECTLY describes
Limhi, son of king Noah?


         A. He was desirous that his father not be


         B. He was not ignorant of the iniquities of
his father


         C. He was a just man


         D. He swore an oath that he would capture the
priests of his father




D   (Mosiah



507. (H-D) Who secretly sent men
into the wilderness to search for king Noah and those who were with him?


         A. Giddonah






         D. Giddianhi


         E. Gad




B   (Mosiah



508. (H-M) Men were sent to search for king
Noah and those that were with him. 


     Who did these men


         A. King Noah and those that were with him


         B. Nephite people, not including king Noah or his priests


         C. The daugthers of
the Lamanites


         D. No one




B   (Mosiah



509. (H-E) The men who discovered
the followers of king Noah in the wilderness learned of all the following EXCEPT:


         A. Many had decided to leave king Noah and return to their people, seeking revenge for
the deaths of their wives and children


         B. King Noah ordered these men NOT to return


         C. The
men were so angry with Noah that they stoned him to death


         D. The men attempted to kill the priests of
Noah as well, but they fled into the wilderness


         E. The men were informed that the Lamanites
had spared the lives of their wives and children, and that they now were paying
a tribute to the Lamanites of


             one-half of all they possessed




C   (Mosiah



510. (H-M) The king of the Lamanites did all of the
following to Limhi’s people EXCEPT:


         A. Made an oath unto them that his people
would not slay them


         B. Offered a reward for the capture of king Noah’s priests


         C. Set
guards around the
land of Limhi‘s people, preventing their escape


         D. Supported the guards out of the tribute
which he received from Limhi’s people


         E. Collected a burdensome tribute from
Limhi’s people




B   (Mosiah



511. (H-M) Each of the following
statements about king Limhi is true EXCEPT:


         A. He had the kingdom conferred upon him by
the people


         B. He
made an oath to the king of the Lamanites that his people would pay a tribute
unto him


         C. He established peace among his people


         D. He was king
Noah’s grandson


         E. He had continual peace in his kingdom for
two years




D   (Mosiah

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