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Mosiah Chapter 18 ( ** )

Mosiah Chapter 18

472. (H-M) All of the following describe Alma after Abinadi’s death EXCEPT:
         A. He was wounded by the servants of King Noah as he fled from them
         B. He repented of is sins and iniquities
         C. He went about privately, teaching the people of Noah
         D. He began to teach the words of Abinadi
         E. He was believed by many of the people he taught
                                                                                                      Answer:   A   (Mosiah 18:1-3)

473. (H-M) Alma was converted by the preaching of Abinadi and repented of his sins.  How was he able to invite others to hear God’s words without being captured by king Noah’s servants?
         A. He wore a disguise
         B. He secretly passed written messages among the people
         C. He secretly passed oral messages among the people
         D. He hid himself during the day, and taught the people privately at night
                                                                                                                                                      Answer:  D   (Mosiah 18:1-5)

474. (D-E) Which of the following
things did
Alma teach to the people?


         A. The words
of Abinadi


         B. That
which was to come


         C. The
resurrection of the dead and redemption of the people


         D. The
power, sufferings, death, and resurrection of Christ


Repentance, redemption, and faith in the Lord


         F. All of
the above




F   (Mosiah 18:1-2&7)]



475. (H-M) How does the Book of
Mormon describe those who believed
Alma‘s words?


         A. They were


         B. They were


         C. They were


         D. They were


         E. They were
sinners in need of repentance




B   (Mosiah 18:3)]



476. (H-E) Those who believed Alma‘s words gathered at a place called what?


         A. Mormon


         B. Moroni


         C. Moron


         D. Morianton


         E. Moriancumr




A   (Mosiah 18:4)]



477. (H-M) The place where Alma and the believers gathered
is described by all of the following EXCEPT:


         A. It
received its name from a king


         B. It was by
a land which was frequently inhabited by wild beasts


         C. There was
much wild fruit and berries in the area


         D. There was
a fountain of pure water in the area


         E. There was
a thicket of small trees in the area




C   (Mosiah 18:4-5)]



478. (D-E) A “goodly number” of people came to
the waters of Mormon to hear
Alma‘s words.  Which of the following
describe these people?


         A. They were
desirous of coming into the fold of God


         B. They were
desirous of being called God’s people


         C. They were
willing to bear one another’s burdens, that they might be light


         D. They were
willing to mourn with those that mourned


         E. They were
willing to comfort those that stood in need of comfort


         F. All of
the above




F   (Mosiah 18:8-9)]



479. (D-M) Alma suggested to the people at the waters of Mormon that they should be
willing to stand as witnesses of God in which of the following   




         A. At all


         B. In all


         C. In all


         D. In all


         E. Even unto


         F. B, C, and
E only


         G. All
except B




G   (Mosiah 18:9)] 



480. (D-M) As Alma preached to the believers at the waters
of Mormon, he enumerated the desire of their hearts.  These desires included all of the following




         A. To stand
as witnesses of God at all times


         B. To stand
as witnesses of God in all things


         C. To stand
as witnesses of God in all places


         D. To rid
themselves of Adam’s transgressions


         E. To be
redeemed of God


         F. To be
numbered with those of the first resurrection


         G. To have
eternal life




D   (Mosiah 18:8-10)]



481. (D-E) After enumerating the
desires of their hearts,
Alma challenged the believers to do all of the following EXCEPT:


         A. Be
baptized in the name of the Lord


         B. Return to
the city of
Lehi-Nephi and preach repentance to Noah and his wicked followers


         C. Witness
before God that they had entered into a covenant with him


         D. Serve God


         E. Keep
God’s commandments




B   (Mosiah



482. (D-M) The blessing which Alma promised the people if they would be baptized and keep
God’s commandments was:


         A. God would
pour out his spirit more abundantly upon them


         B. The
windows of heaven would be opened unto them


         C. Their
sons and daughters would see visions and dream dreams


         D. Noah and
his followers would be destroyed


         E. The earth
and the fullness thereof would be theirs




A   (Mosiah



483. (H-E) True or false: Although the people at the waters
of Mormon were intrigued by
preaching, they were hesitant to make a commitment to
the Lord


        at that time.




False   (Mosiah



484. (H-C) Who was the first
person baptized in the waters of Mormon?


         A. Helaman


         B. Helorum


         C. Hem


         D. Helam




D   (Mosiah



485. (H-C) Alma cried unto the Lord immediately before baptizing Helam,
saying the following words, “O Lord, pour out thy spirit upon thy servant
that he may do


        this work with ______________”:


         A. real


         B. holiness
of heart


         C. faith in


         D. a
conscience void of offense


         E. clean
hands and a pure heart




B   (Mosiah



486. (D-C) Alma‘s baptismal prayer included all of the following EXCEPT:


         A. A
declaration that he had authority from Almighty God to baptize


         B. A
statement that this baptism was a testimony that Helam
had entered into a covenant to serve God


         C. A
declaration that all of Helam’s sins were forgiven


         D. A
blessing that the Lord’s spirit would be poured out upon Helam


         E. A prayer
that the Lord would grant unto Helam eternal life,
through the redemption of Christ




C   (Mosiah



487. (H-M) Helam’s baptism was
notable for all of the following reasons EXCEPT:


         A. Both Helam (the baptizee) and Alma
(the baptizer) were buried in the water together


         B. Helam and Alma came out of the water rejoicing


         C. The
spirit descended in the form of a dove during the baptism


         D. Helam and Alma were both filled with the spirit




C   (Mosiah



488. (H-E) All of the following
statements concerning those who were baptized at the waters of Mormon are true EXCEPT:


         A. There were 204 souls baptized


         B. They were
filled with the grace of God as they were baptized


         C. They were
called the
Church of God (Christ) from that time on


         D. Each time
Alma baptized a person, he buried himself in the water also


         E. Whosever
was baptized by the power and authority of God were added to the church




D   (Mosiah



489. (H-M) Alma, having authority from God, ordained 1 priest for every 100 people that
had been baptized at the waters of Mormon.




False   (Mosiah



490. (D-M) Alma commanded the newly-ordained priests to do all of the following EXCEPT:


         A. To seek
out and ordain other priests


         B. To teach
concerning the things pertaining to the


         C. To teach
nothing except the things
Alma had taught or which had been spoken by the holy prophets


         D. To preach
nothing save it were repentance or faith on the Lord


         E. That they
should not contend one with another




A   (Mosiah



491. (H-M) Alma commanded the new-ordained priests to do all of the following EXCEPT:


         A. To look
forward with one eye


         B. To have
one faith and one baptism


         C. To
baptize for the dead


         D. To have
their hearts knit together in harmony and love


         E. To observe the sabbath day and keep it holy


         F. To give
thanks to the Lord every day




C   (Mosiah



492. (H-M) True or false: By following Alma‘s admonitions, the ordained priests became “the children of




True   (Mosiah





493. (H-M) All of the following pertained to Alma‘s followers EXCEPT:


         A. The
priests labored with their own hands for their own support


         B. The
people gathered at least once each week to worship and to be taught


         C. The
people imparted of their substance, every one according to that which he had


         D. Little
was required of him that had little to give


         E. The
people paid their tithing to the priests


         F. The
people were to impart of their substance of their own free will and good




E   (Mosiah



494. (H-M) Alma told his priests not to depend on the people for their support.  Blessings received for obedience to this
counsel were:


         A. To
receive the grace of God


         B. To wax
strong in the spirit


         C. To have a
knowledge of God


         D. To teach
with power and authority from God


         E. All of
the above




E   (Mosiah



495. (H-M) The people of Alma walked uprightly before God, imparting to one another both temporally
and spiritually according to their ________.


         A. Needs


         B. Wants


         C. Desires


         D. Hopes


         E. None of
the above


         F. A and B




F   (Mosiah



496. (H-M) Alma states that the water of Mormon and the forest
Mormon were beautiful to the eyes of his followers for what


         A. It was
there that they were baptized


         B. It was there that they came to a knowledge of their Redeemer


         C. It was
there that they received a remission of their sins


         D. It was
there that they were able to escape from Noah’s army


         E. It was
there that they established the church




B   (Mosiah



497. (H-M) When King Noah discovered that people were
meeting secretly with
Alma, he sent his army to destroy them.  What allowed Alma and his people     


        to escape?


         A. The army
couldn’t discover their hiding places


         B. The Lord blinded the eyes of the army


         C. The poeple of Alma were apprised of the coming of Noah’s army


         D. A pillar
of fire protected the Lord’s people


         E. Alma and
his people simply outran the army




C   (Mosiah



498. (H-C) How many souls fled
Alma into the wilderness?


         A. 150


         B. 250


         C. 350


         D. 450


         E. 550



D   (Mosiah

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