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Mosiah Chapter 6 ( ** )

Mosiah Chapter 6

300. (H-M) When king Benjamin
ended his famous temple-grounds sermon found in Mosiah chapters 2-5, he did all
of the following EXCEPT:

         A. Consecrated his son Mosiah to be a ruler
and king over his people

         B. Had the sacrament administered to the
assembled people

         C. Took the names of all those who had entered
into a covenant with God

         D. Appointed priests to teach the people


  [Answer: B   (Mosiah


301. (D-M) True or false: Every person, excepting children,
who heard king Benjamin’s temple-grounds sermon entered into a covenant to take

        himself or herself the name of Christ.


 [Answer: True   (Mosiah


302. (H-C) Which of the following are reasons why king Benjamin appointed priests to teach the people after
his temple-grounds sermon?

         1. To chastise the people and call them to

That the people might hear and know the commandments of God

Because the people were hard-hearted

         4. To
stir the people up in remembrance of their oaths

            A. 1,
2, and 3

            B. 1
and 3

            C. 2 and 4

            D. All of the above


   [Answer: C   (Mosiah


303. (H-C) Mosiah, Benjamin’s son, was how old when he was
consecrated as ruler and how many years had elapsed since Lehi left

         A. 25
years old, 400 years having elapsed

         B. 25 years old, 451 years having elapsed

         C. 30
years old, 476 years having elapsed

         D. 30 years old, 500 years having elapsed


   [Answer: C   (Mosiah 6:4)]


304. (H-M) How many years did king Benjamin live after
consecrating his son, Mosiah, as the new king?

         A. One

Three years

         C. Seven years

         D. Ten


                       [Answer: B   (Mosiah


305. (H-E) All of the following
describe king Mosiah EXCEPT:

He walked in the ways of the Lord

He experienced peace for the first three years of his reign

He encouraged the seeking of gold and silver in order to adorn the temple

         D. He
tilled the earth himself in order to not be a burden to his people


        [Answer: C   (Mosiah 6:6-7)]


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