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Mosiah 5 ( ** )

Mosiah 5


281. (H-E) After king Benjamin finished speaking to his people, he did
which of the following?

         A. Administered the sacrament to the

         B. Led the people in prayer

         C. Led the people in a “Hallelujah”

         D. Dedicated the Nephite lands for the
preaching of the gospel

         E. Sent among the people, desiring to
know if they believed his words


E   (Mosiah 5:1)]


282. (H-E) When king Benjamin sent among his people, desiring to know
if they believed his words, the people cried out with ______ voice(s).

         A. A loud

         B. One

         C. Grateful

         D. Discordant

         E. Nearly united


B   (Mosiah 5:2)]


283. (D-E) King
Benjamin’s people told him all the following EXCEPT:

         A. We believe all the words which thou
hast spoken unto us

         B. We know of the truth of thy words
because of the spirit of the Lord Omnipotent

         C. The spirit has wrought a mighty
change in our minds and in our souls

         D. We no longer have a disposition to
do evil

         E. We desire to do good continually


C   (Mosiah 5:2)]


284. (D-C) Following
king Benjamin’s sermon to his people, they said that they had great views of
that which was to come, and, if needed, they could prophesy of

things.  These blessings were due to
which two spiritual gifts?

         A. Prophecy and divine revelation

         B. The condescension and longsuffering
of God

         C. The power of the atonement of the
Savior, and His eternal mercy

         D. The infinite goodness of God and
the manifestations of His spirit


D   (Mosiah 5:3)]


285. (D-E) True or False:
The faith which the people had in the things
which king Benjamin had spoken unto them was the thing
that brought them to great

        knowledge and caused them to rejoice
with great joy.


True   (Mosiah 5:4)]


286. (D-M) The people of king Benjamin were willing to enter into a
covenant with God to do two things. 
Those two things were:

         A. To do God’s will and to be obedient
to His commandments in all things

         B. To take upon themselves the name of
God and always remember Him

         C. To fast and pray always

         D. To mourn with those that mourned
and to comfort those in need of comfort

         E. To lift up the hands which hung
down and to strengthen the feeble knees


A   (Mosiah 5:5)]


287. (D-C) By doing
God’s will and obeying His commandments, the people of king Benjamin hoped to

         A. Being cast into a lake of fire and

         B. Being called the children of Satan

         C. Bringing upon themselves
never-ending torment

         D. Drinking out of the cup of the
wrath of God

         E. Both A and B

         F. Both C and D


F   (Mosiah 5:5)]


288. (H-M) King
Benjamin referred to the covenant which his people had made as a(n) __________ covenant.

         A. Righteous

         B. Eternal

         C. Everlasting

         D. Temple

         E. Binding


A   (Mosiah 5:6)]


289. (D-M) Because
of the covenant which king Benjamin’s people were willing to make with God, all
of the following happened EXCEPT:

         A. They were called the children of Christ (His sons
and daughters)

         B. They were spiritually begotten of

         C. Their hearts were changed through
faith on Christ’s name

         D. They were born of Christ

         E. They had their callings and
elections made sure

         F. They were made free under the head
of faith in Christ


E   (Mosiah 5:7-8)]


(D-E) True or False:  There are only two heads
whereby men can be made free, and only two names whereby salvation can come.


False   (Mosiah 5:8)]


(D-M) The actual covenant that king Benjamin’s people
made unto God was:

         A. That they would obtain all their
errands from the Lord

         B. That they would share all their
possessions in common

         C. That they would be obedient to God
unto the ends of their lives

         D. That they would look unto God in
every thought

         E. That they would not trust in the
arm of flesh


C   (Mosiah 5:8)]


(D-E) King Benjamin told his people that whosoever would take upon themselves the name of Christ would experience all of the

         A. They would be found on the right
hand of God

         B. They would know the name by which
they were called

         C. They would be called by the name of

         D. They would run and not be weary and
walk and not faint


                                                                                                                                                                        [Answer:  D  
(Mosiah 5:8-9)]


293. (D-E) King Benjamin reminded his people that whosoever does not take upon himself the name of Christ will be called by another name and will be found 


         A. In outer darkness

         B. In spirit prison

         C. On the left hand of God

         D. Outside of the degrees of glory

         E. Lacking the gifts of the spirit


                                                                                                                                                                        [Answer: C   (Mosiah )]


294. (D-M) King Benjamin asked his people to remember that ____________ will blot the name of Christ out of their hearts.

         A. Envy

         B. Greed

         C. Pride

         D. Hatred

         E. Transgression


                                                                                                                                                                        [Answer: E   (Mosiah )]


295. (D-M) King Benjamin hoped for all the following for his people EXCEPT:

         A. That they would retain the name of Christ always in their hearts

         B. That they would sell all that they had and give to the poor

         C. That they would not be found on the left hand of God

         D. That they would know the voice by which they were called

         E. That they would know the master whom they served

         F. That God would not be far from the thoughts and intents of their hearts


                                                                                                                                                                         [Answer: B   (Mosiah -13)]


296. (D-M) Just as the Lord will not receive a man who knows not the name by which he is called (the name of Christ), a man would not allow his neighbor's 

        ____________ to feed among his own flocks.

         A. Goat

         B. Black sheep

         C. Lamb

         D. Horse

         E. Ass


                                                                                                                                                                        [Answer: E   (Mosiah 5:14)]


297. (D-M) King Benjamin exhorted his people to do all of the following EXCEPT:

         A. To be steadfast

         B. To be immovable

         C. To cleanse the inner vessel

         D. To always abound in good works


                                                                                                                                                                        [Answer: C   (Mosiah )]


298. (D-M) King Benjamin exhorted his people to be steadfast so that Christ, the Lord God Omnipotent, could do which of the following for them:

         A. Seal them his

         B. Bring them to heaven

         C. Grant them everlasting salvation

         D. Grant them eternal life

         E. All of the above


                                                                                                                                                                        [Answer: E   (Mosiah )]


299. (D-M) King Benjamin concluded his admonitions to his people by describing God who is above all.  He mentioned all of the following traits of God EXCEPT:

         A. Magnificence

         B. Wisdom

         C. Power

         D. Justice

         E. Mercy


                                                                                                                                                                        [Answer: A   (Mosiah )]



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