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Alma 2

711. (H-M) In the commencement of the fifth year of the reign of the judges, a certain man sought to become king of the Nephites.  Who was he?
         A. Ammaron
         B. Amlici
         C. Amaleki
         D. Amulek
         E. Amulon
                                                                                                                                             Answer: B   (Alma 2:1)

712. (H-M) The scripture mentions all of the following concerning Amlici EXCEPT:
         A. He was very large in stature and physically imposing
         B. He was a very cunning man
         C. He was wise as to the wisdom of the world
         D. He was after the manner of the order of Nehor, Gideon's murderer
         E. He had drawn away much people after him and he become very powerful
         F. His followers endeavored to establish him as king
                                                                                                                                           Answer: A   (Alma 2:1-2)
713. (H-E) Amlici's rise to power was alarming to whom?
         A. The people of the church
         B. Those who had not been drawn away after Amlici's persuasions
         C. The Lamanites
         D. A and B
         E. B and C
                                                                                                                                          Answer: D   (Alma 2:3)
714. (H-M) All of the following are true concerning Amlici and his desire to be king EXCEPT:
         A. According to Nephite law, such things had to be established by the voice of the people
         B. If Amlici had gained the voice of the people, he would have deprived them of their rights and privileges of the church
         C. It was Amlici's intent to become king, muster the Nephite armies, and attack the Lamanites
         D. It was Amlici's intent to destroy the church of God
         E. The people assembled throughout the land and had much dispute and contentions, one with another, concerning Amlici and his aspirations
         F. The people assembled and cast in their voices concerning Amlici, and laid the matter before the judges
                                                                                                                                         Answer: C   (Alma 2:3-6)
15. (H-M) The voice of the people came against Amlici, and he was not made king. All of the following happened after Amlici's defeat EXCEPT:
         A. The defeat caused much joy in the hearts of those that were against Amlici
         B. Amlici stirred up his followers to anger against those who were not in his favor
         C. Amlici's followers consecrated him to be their king
         D. Amlici's followers murdered one of the chief judges as he sat upon his judgment seat
         E. Amlici commanded his followers to take up arms against their Nephite brethren
         F. Amlici desired to subject the Nephites to his rule
                                                                                                                                         Answer: D   (Alma 2:7-10)
716. (H-E) True or false: The followers of Amlici were distinguished by the name Amlici, being called Amlicites, and the remainder of the people were called  
        Nephites, or the people of God.
                                                                                                                                         Answer: True   (Alma )
717. (H-M) The Nephites were aware of the intentions of Amlici and his followers, and the scripture mentions that they prepared to meet them with all of the  
        following weapons EXCEPT:
         A. Spears and javelins
         B. Swords and cimeters
         C. Bows and arrows
         D. Stones and slings
         E. All manner of weapons of war
                                                                                                                                        Answer: A   (Alma )
718. (H-E) In preparation for meeting the Amlicites, the Nephites appointed all of the following EXCEPT:
         A. Captains
         B. Higher captains
         C. Chief captains
         D. Supreme captains
                                                                                                                                      Answer: D   (Alma )
719. (H-D) All of the following are true concerning the battle between the Nephites and the Amlicites EXCEPT:
         A. Amlici had armed his men with all manner of weapons, and had appointed rulers and leaders to lead them into war
         B. The Amlicites came upon the hill Manti, which was east of the river Sidon, and began to make war
         C. Alma, the chief judge and governor, went up with his people at the head of his armies to battle the Amlicites
         D. The Amlicites contended with the Nephites with great strength, slaying many of them
         E. The Lord strengthened the Nephites, that they slew the Amlicites with great slaughter
         F. The Amlicites fled from before the Nephites
                                                                                                                                     Answer: B   (Alma -18)
720. (H-D) On the first day of the battle between the Nephites and Amlicites, many men were slain.  How many from each army were slain?
         A. 10,532 Amlicites and 4,562 Nephites
         B. 11,532 Amlicites and 5,562 Nephites
         C. 12,532 Amlicites and 6,562 Nephites
         D. 13,532 Amlicites and 7,562 Nephites
         E. 14,532 Amlicites and 8,562 Nephites
                                                                                                                                     Answer: C   (Alma )
721. (H-M) All of the following statements concerning the war between the Nephites and Amlicites are true EXCEPT:
         A. When Alma could pursue the Amlicites no longer, he caused that his people should pitch their tents in the valley of Gideon
         B. The valley of Gideon was named after the hero who delivered Israel from the oppression of the Midianites, destroying their altars of Baal and their 'groves'
         C. Alma sent spies to follow the Amlicites, that he might know of their plans and their plots
         D. Alma sought to guard himself against the Amlicites and preserve his people from being destroyed
         E. The spies that Alma sent to watch the Amlicites were named Zeram, Amnor, Manti, and Limher
                                                                                                                                                 Answer: B   (Alma -22)
722. (H-E) The spies that Alma sent to watch the Amlicites returned to the camp in great haste for which of the following reasons?
         A. They were astonished and struck with much fear
         B. The Amlicites had joined a numerous host of the Lamanites in the land of Minon, above the land of Zarahemla
         C. The Amlicites and the Lamanites were attacking the Nephites in the land of Minon, and the Nephites were fleeing toward Zarahemla
         D. Unless the Nephites hurried to Zarahemla and took possession of the city, their fathers and their wives and their children would be slain by the Amlicites
              and Lamanites
         E. Upon hearing the report of the spies, the Nephites immediately took up their tents and departed for Zarahemla
         F. All of the above statements are true
                                                                                                                                                Answer: F   (Alma -26)
723. (H-M) As the Nephite army was crossing the river Sidon  as they traveled toward Zarahemla, the Amlicites and the Lamanites fell upon them to destroy them.  
        This combined army was described as being as numerous as which of the following?
         A. The clouds in the sky
         B. The locust on the earth
         C. The hairs on the head
         D. The sands of the sea
         E. The rocks of the river
                                                                                                                                              Answer: D   (Alma )
724. (H-M) During the battle between the Nephites and the Amlicites at the river Sidon, all of the following happened EXCEPT:
         A. The Nephites were strengthened by the hand of the Lord, they having prayed mightily to him that he would deliver them out of the hands of their enemies
         B. The Amlicites and the Lamanites fell before the Nephites as the Lord heard the cries of the Nephites and strengthened them
         C. The waters of the river Sidon were parted by the Lord, allowing the Nephites to pursue the Amlicites and slay them
         D. Alma (described as a man of God, being exercised with much faith) fought mightily with Amlici, face to face, all the while praying to the Lord that he would
              spare his life, that he might be an instrument in the Lord’s hands to save and preserve the Nephites
         E. Alma was strengthened, insomuch that he slew Amlici with the sword
                                                                                                                                             Answer: C   (Alma -31)
725. (H-M) During the battle between the Nephites and the Amlicites at the river Sidon, all of the following happened EXCEPT:
         A. The river Sidon turned completely red with blood
         B. Alma contended with the king of the Lamanites, but this king fled back from before Alma and sent his guards to fight with Alma
         C. Alma and his guards contended with the guards of the king of the Lamanites, slaying them and driving them back
         D. The Nephites cleared the west bank of the river Sidon by throwing the bodies of the slain Lamanites into the river
         E. By clearing the bank, the Nephites had room to cross the river and contend with the Amlicites and Lamanites on the west side of the river
         F. The Amlicites and Lamanites fled from before the Nephites despite being so numerous that they could not be numbered
                                                                                                                                            Answer: A   (Alma -35)
726. (H-D) Regarding the battle between the Nephites and the combined Amlicite/Lamanite armies, all of the following are true EXCEPT:
         A. The Amlicites fled before the Nephites towards the wilderness which was west and north, away beyond the borders of the land
         B. The Nephites pursued the Amlicites with their might, and did slay them
         C. The Amlicites were met on every hand, and were slain and driven and scattered on the north and the west
         D. The pursuit continued until they arrived in that part of the wilderness which was called Hermounts
         E. The part of the wilderness called Hermounts was that area which was completely devoid of animals and beasts
                                                                                                                                          Answer: E   (Alma -37)
727. (H-M) Which of the following are true concerning the Amlicite and Lamanite army that was destroyed by the Nephites:  
         A. Many died in the wilderness because of their wounds
         B. Many were devoured by beasts and the vultures of the air
         C. Many of their bones have been found
         D. Their bones have been heaped up on the earth
         E. All of the above statements are true
                                                                                                                                        Answer: E   (Alma )

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