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Gospel basics — Serving in Church callings

Gospel basics – Serving in Church callings

When we serve in our callings, we help accomplish God’s work.  We teach others about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and help those we teach come closer to Them.  We also receive blessings as we serve faithfully.

Receiving callings

Those who serve in the Church are called of God.  Church leaders pray for inspiration to know whom to ask to serve in each calling.  A leader then asks a member to serve and explains the duties of the calling.  Members are sustained in a Church meeting where the ward or branch members offer a sustaining vote.  This means that they are willing to support the person being called.  The member will then be given a blessing by a priesthood leader.  This is called being set apart.  The member will be given authority to act in the calling and other blessings to help him or her serve.


A bishop is the leader of a ward.  In a branch, a branch president is similar to a bishop.  The stake president recommends a worthy priesthood holder to be called as bishop.  The First Presidency approves the calling.  The bishop is then sustained and set apart to serve.  He also receives priesthood keys, which means he has the authority to direct the ward.  As bishop, he serves and leads all the members of the ward.


Priesthood quorums and the Relief Society, Young Women, Primary, and Sunday School organizations are led by presidencies, usually a president and two counselors.  Elders quorum presidencies are called and set apart by the stake presidency.  The bishopric asks members to serve in the other presidencies in the ward and sets them apart.  All leaders serve the members in their quorums or organizations.  They minister to members’ needs and help them feel God’s love.

Other callings

Other Church callings include teaching, helping with music, keeping records, planning activities for youth or children, and serving in other ways.  Each calling in the Church is important and gives members a chance to serve others and to serve God.  As we all work together to fulfill our callings, we strengthen others and help the Church grow.

What Do Scriptures Say about serving in callings?

Callings to serve in the Church come from God (Articles of Faith 1:5).
We are called and set apart before we serve in a calling (see Doctrine and Covenants 42:11).
As we serve in our callings, we help build up the Church (see Doctrine and Covenants 84:109-110).

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