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Wording changes in the General Handbook of Instructions — 2021

The newly-revised General Handbook of Instructions, available to all members of the Church in digital format, is now principle-based and written in simplified language.  It is written with a ministerial voice rather than with an authoritative, procedural voice.  Following are some of the phrases that have been eliminated, followed by the newer language.  The new handbook is organized into four divinely appointed responsibilities:  a) Living the gospel of Jesus Christ  b) Caring for those in need  c) Inviting all to receive the Gospel  d) Uniting families for eternity.

1) ‘Compassionate service leader’ has been replaced by ‘service coordinator’
2) ‘Caring for the poor and needy’ has been replaced by ‘caring for those in need’
3) ‘Auxiliary’ has been replaced by ‘organization’
4) ‘General board’ has been replaced by ‘advisory council’
5) ‘Aaronic Priesthood – Young Women Committee’ has been replaced by ‘Youth Leadership Committee’
6) ‘Stake Melchizedek Priesthood Committee has been replaced by ‘Stake Adult Leadership Committee’
7) ‘Activation’ and ‘retention’ have been replaced by ‘strengthening new and returning members’
8) ‘Probation’ has been replaced by ‘membership restrictions’
9) ‘Jurisdiction’ and ‘investigation’ have been removed altogether
10) ‘Discipline’ has been replaced by ‘restriction’
11) ‘Disciplinary council’ has been replaced by ‘membership council’
12) ‘Disfellowship’ has been replaced by ‘formal membership restrictions’
13) ‘Excommunication’ has been replaced by ‘withdrawal of membership’
14) ‘Proselyting missionary’ and ‘Church-service missionary’ have been replaced by ‘missionary’
15) ‘Welfare assistance’ has been replaced by ‘Church assistance’
16) ‘Emergency preparedness’ has been replaced by ‘temporal preparedness’
17) ‘Take out your endowments’ should be replaced by ‘receive your endowment’
18) ‘Free agency’ should be replaced by ‘moral agency’
19) ‘Doctrines’ should be replaced by ‘points of doctrine’
20) ‘I challenge you…’ should be replaced by ‘I invite you…’
21) ‘Area Authority’ should be replaced by ‘Area Seventies’

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