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Melvin Russell Ballard

Information regarding M. Russell Ballard

  • Apostle number: 95
  • Quorum of the Twelve number:  87
  • Date of birth: October 8, 1928
  • Place of birth: Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah
  • Date of apostolic ordination: October 10, 1985
  • Age when ordained apostle: 57 years 0 months
  • End of apostolic service: November 12, 2023
  • Total apostolic years: 38 years 1 month
  • Date called into the Quorum of the Twelve:  October 10, 1985
  • Tenure in the Quorum of the Twelve:  38 years 1 month
  • Date of death:  November 12, 2023
  • Age at death: 95 years 1 month
  • Place of death: Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah
  • RemarksElder Ballard is a grandson of Hyrum Mack Smith and Melvin J. Ballard, both former apostles.  He is a descendant of Hyrum Smith and Joseph F. Smith.  Elder Ballard was called to serve as a general authority in April of 1976.  Thus, in April of 2023, he completed 47 years of service as a general authority.  He and his wife, Barbara Bowen Ballard, were the parents of 7 children.  One of Elder Ballard’s sons-in-law, Paul Clayton, served as a mission president and was an anesthesiologist.
  • Inspirational quote: “Sometimes we can learn, study, and know; sometimes we have to believe, trust, and hope.”

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