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apostlem (apostles who entered the Quorum due to the death of a prophet ** )

Apostles who have entered the Quorum of the 12 Apostles due to the death of a President of the Church

                        President of Church      Deathdate      Replaced in the Quorum by      Date

                        Joseph Smith            27 Jun 1844         Charles C Rich         12 Feb 1849
                        Brigham Young           29 Aug 1877         Francis M Lyman        27 Oct 1880
                        John Taylor             25 Jul 1887         Anthon H Lund          07 Oct 1889
                        Wilford Woodruff        02 Sep 1898         Rudger Clawson         10 Oct 1898
                        Lorenzo Snow            10 Oct 1902         Hyrum Mack Smith       24 Oct 1902
                        Joseph F Smith          19 Nov 1918         Melvin J Ballard       07 Jan 1919
                        Heber J Grant           14 May 1945         Matthew Cowley         11 Oct 1945
                        George Albert Smith     04 Apr 1951         Marion G Romney        11 Oct 1951
                        David O McKay           18 Jan 1970         Boyd K Packer          09 Apr 1970
                        Joseph Fielding Smith   02 Jul 1972         Bruce R McConkie       12 Oct 1972
                        Harold B Lee            26 Dec 1973         L Tom Perry            06 Apr 1974
                        Spencer W Kimball       05 Nov 1985         Joseph B Wirthlin      09 Oct 1986
                        Ezra Taft Benson        30 May 1994         Jeffrey R Holland      23 Jun 1994
                        Howard W Hunter         03 Mar 1995         Henry B Eyring         06 Apr 1995
                        Gordon B Hinckley       27 Jan 2008         D Todd Christofferson  05 Apr 2008
                        Thomas S Monson         02 Jan 2018         Ulisses Soares         31 Mar 2018

  • The events leading to the replacement of Joseph Smith are somewhat convoluted. Following Joseph’s death, the Twelve presided over the Church. Amasa M. Lyman, already an ordained apostle, replaced William Smith in October 1845 when Elder Smith was dropped from the Quorum of the 12. John E Page was dropped from the Quorum on February 7, 1846 and was replaced by Ezra T. Benson. Brigham Young reorganized the First Presidency on December 27, 1847, with all three members of the new 1st Presidency coming from the ranks of the Quorum of the Twelve.  The first man ordained after the reorganization of the First Presidency was Charles C. Rich, so he can be considered as the replacement of Joseph Smith in the apostleship.  
  • It is interesting to note that Joseph Fielding Smith was replaced by his son-in-law, Bruce R. McConkie.
  • It is also interesting to note that almost a year passed before Joseph B. Wirthlin replaced President Kimball. 

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