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apostlek (birthplaces of our apostles ** )

Birthplaces of our apostles

Numbers of apostles born in the various states of America, and numbers born in the various countries of the world
                  States (Alphabetical)               States (by number)                Countries
                    Arizona         1                 Utah            48           Brazil             1
                    California      2                 Vermont         10           Canada             1
                    Connecticut     2                 New York         8           Czechoslovakia     1
                    Idaho           7                 Idaho            7           Denmark            1
                    Illinois        3                 Massachusetts    5           England            6
                    Iowa            1                 Illinois         3           Ireland            1
                    Kentucky        1                 New Jersey       3           Mexico             1
                    Massachusetts   5                 Ohio             3           Norway             1
                    Michigan        1                 California       2           United States     98
                    Missouri        1                 Connecticut      2           ====================
                    New Hampshire   1                 Arizona          1           Total countries   10
                    New Jersey      3                 Iowa             1
                    New York        8                 Kentucky         1
                    Ohio            3                 Michigan         1
                    Tennessee       1                 Missouri         1
                    Utah           48                 New Hampshire    1
                    Vermont        10                 Tennessee        1
                    =================                 ==================
                    Total states   17                 Total states    17

       ·  Of the 111 apostles that have served in this dispensation, 98 have been born in the United States, and 13 have been born outside of the United States.
·  Interestingly, Vermont was the state of birth of ten of our Latter-day apostles, including the Prophet Joseph. Only the state of Utah has had more future apostles born in it than the state of Vermont.
·  As can be seen above, all but 7 of our apostles have been born in either the United States or England. The seven apostles born in other countries are John A. Widtsoe (Norway), Charles A. Callis (Ireland), Marion G. Romney (Mexico), Marriner W. Merrill (Canada), Anthon H. Lund (Denmark), Dieter F. Uchtdorf (Czechoslovakia), and Ulisses Soares (Brazil).
The last apostle accounted for on this page was Elder Patrick Kearon in late 2023.

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