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John Andreas Widtsoe

Information regarding John A. Widtsoe

  • Apostle number:  61
  • Quorum of the Twelve number:  54
  • Date of birth:  January 31, 1872
  • Place of birth:  Froyen, Sor-Trondelorg, Norway
  • Date of apostolic ordination:  March 17, 1921
  • Age when ordained apostle:  49 years 1 month
  • End of apostolic service:  November 29, 1952
  • Total apostolic years:  31 years 8 months
  • Date called into the Quorum of the Twelve:  March 17, 1921
  • Tenure in the Quorum of the Twelve:   31 years 8 months
  • Date of death:  November 29, 1952
  • Age at death:  80 years 9 months
  • Place of death:  Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah
  • Remarks:  At birth, one of his hands was attached to his head, but surgery resolved this problem; served as president of both Utah State University and the University of Utah; his scholarly work entitled ‘Evidences and Reconciliations’ continues to be held in high esteem.
  • Inspirational quote:  “The line of communication between God and man is always open unless broken by man himself.”

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