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apostlej (apostles without middle names ** )

Apostles without middle names

                         Apostles without middle names,              Apostles without middle names,  
                         listed in order of ordination                   listed alphabetically
                               Joseph Smith                               Carrington, Albert
                               Oliver Cowdery                             Cowdery, Oliver
                               Brigham Young                              Cowley, Matthew
                               Orson Hyde                                 Hyde, Orson
                               Orson Pratt                                Pratt, Orson
                               Hyrum Smith                                Richards, LeGrand
                               John Taylor                                Richards, Willard
                               Wilford Woodruff                           Smith, Hyrum
                               Willard Richards                           Smith, Joseph
                               Lyman Wight                                Smoot, Reed
                               Lorenzo Snow                               Snow, Lorenzo
                               Brigham Young, Jr.                         Soares, Ulisses
                               Albert Carrington                          Taylor, John
                               Moses Thatcher                             Teasdale, George
                               George Teasdale                            Thatcher, Moses
                               Reed Smoot                                 Wight, Lyman
                               Matthew Cowley                             Woodruff, Wilford
                               LeGrand Richards                           Young, Brigham
                               Ulisses Soares                             Young, Brigham  Jr.

Other interesting “middle name” facts:

1. Our first five presidents of the Church had no middle name. Our last twelve presidents of the Church have had middle names.
2. Of the 19 apostles without middle names, 16 of them were born before 1863. Only 3 were born after 1863 (Matthew Cowley and LeGrand Richards and Ulisses Soares).
3. Interestingly, five of the 19 apostles without middle names had fathers who had middle names (for example, Matthew Cowley’s father was named Matthias Foss Cowley).

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