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apostleh (apostles who died outside of Utah after 1847 ** )

Ordained Apostles who died outside of Utah after 1847

This listing does not include brethren who were released from their apostolic calling before their death.  


1. Parley P Pratt:  “In the autumn of 1856, Parley accompanied about 20 missionaries across the plains to the States. During the winter and part of the following spring he visited the Saints at St. Louis, Philadelphia, New York and other places, preaching, writing, and publishing the glad tidings of the kingdom of God. And finally, on the 13th of May, 1857, he fell a noble martyr for the cause of the truth, which he had advocated with such untiring perseverance for nearly 27 years. He was assassinated near the boundary line between Arkansas and Indian Territory while on a mission to the States. His body was buried near the place where he was killed.” — Andrew Jenson, Encyclopedia of LDS Biographies


2. Wilford Woodruff:  “During the latter years of his life he suffered from insomnia, and occasionally went to the Pacific coast, where upon the sea level he could sleep better and would recuperate. It was upon one of these visits to the coast that he became prostrated, and passed peacefully away, September 2, 1898, to his glorious rest. A portion of his family and President George Q. Cannon and others were at his bedside. His remains were brought home for interment.” — Andrew Jenson, Encyclopedia of LDS Biographies

3. Charles C. Rich:  “In the autumn of 1863 he explored Bear Lake valley and moved his family there the following spring. He was a natural pioneer and was the leader of the original settlers of that valley. He was stricken with paralysis on October 24, 1880, and died at his home in Paris, Idaho on November 17, 1883. During all these three years of affliction he was never heard to complain or in any manner evince anything but a spirit of the utmost contentment and resignation. Rich County, the extreme northern county of Utah, was named in honor of him.” — Andrew Jenson, Encyclopedia of LDS Biographies

4. George Q. Cannon:  “Early in March, 1901, he was stricken with the grippe (influenza), which caused a number of unfavorable complications to arise, and it was decided that a change of climate would do him good. Consequently, he left Salt Lake City, March 13, 1901, for Monterey, California, where quarters were secured for him in a large and comfortable cottage situated on an eminence overlooking the bay, where he could receive the full benefits of the gentle ocean breezes. The change, however, failed to restore him to health, though his condition seemed to improve for a few days. He gradually grew worse and early on the morning of April 12, 1901, he passed away. The remains were brought home and the funeral took place in the Tabernacle, Salt Lake City, April 16, 1901.” — Andrew Jenson, Encyclopedia of LDS Biographies

5. Abraham O. Woodruff:  “In May, 1904, in company with his wife, Helen Winters Woodruff, and four children, he went to visit the settlements of the Saints in Mexico, where Sister Woodruff contracted the dread disease smallpox, to which she succumbed June 7, 1904. Brother Woodruff, who was a most devoted husband, contracted smallpox while waiting upon his wife and followed her into the ‘Great Beyond’ two weeks later, June 20th. He had been removed over the Mexican border into Texas, and in the hospital at El Paso he received that care and treatment that was necessary, and everything possible was done for his relief and recovery.” — Andrew Jenson, Encyclopedia of LDS Biographies

6. Reed Smoot: “…for the last eight years of [Elder Smoot’s ] life, he devoted his full time to his duties as an apostle.”  While on vacation in Florida, he experienced a fall. As a result of the injuries sustained in this fall, he died in St. PetersburgFlorida on February 9, 1941.  He was 79 years of age. — Lawrence Flake, Prophets and Apostles of the Last Dispensation

7. Charles A. Callis:  Elder Callis died on January 21, 1947 in Jacksonville, Florida.  He was in Florida to create a new stake in the Jacksonville area.  He apparently died in his sleep.

8. Matthew Cowley:  Elder Cowley died of a heart attack in Los Angeles, California on December 13, 1953. He was in Los Angeles for the laying of the cornerstone of the Los Angeles Temple.

9. Henry D. Moyle:  Elder Moyle died in Deer Park, Florida on September 18, 1963. He was in Florida visiting a ranch owned by the Church, part of the vast
Church welfare system. He died of a heart attack.

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