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apostlec (siblings who have served as apostles ** )

Brothers (siblings) who have served as apostles

The date following each name is the year of apostolic ordination.


1. The Smith brothers (sons of Joseph Smith, Sr and Lucy Mack Smith)

· Joseph Smith (May 1829)

· William B Smith (15 Feb 1835)

· Hyrum Smith (07 Nov 1837)


2. The Pratt brothers (sons of Jared Pratt and Charity Dickinson Pratt)

· Parley P Pratt (21 Feb 1835)

· Orson Pratt (26 Apr 1835)


3. The Johnson brothers (sons of John Johnson and Elsa Jacobs Johnson) 

· Luke S Johnson (15 Feb 1835)

· Lyman E Johnson (14 Feb 1835)


4. The Young brothers (sons of Brigham Young and Mary Ann Angell Young)

· Joseph Angell Young (04 Feb 1864)

· Brigham Young, Jr (04 Feb 1864)

· John Willard Young (04 Feb 1864)


5. The Cannon brothers (sons of George Q Cannon and Elizabeth Hoagland)

· Abraham Hoagland Cannon (07 Oct 1889)

· Sylvester Quayle Cannon (14 Apr 1938)


6. The Smith brothers (sons of Joseph F Smith and the Lambson sisters) 

· Hyrum Mack Smith (24 Oct 1902, son of Edna Lambson)

· Joseph Fielding Smith (07 Apr 1910, son of Julina Lambson)

 Note: Mention should also be made that among the Savior’s original twelve apostles there were three sets of brothers. Peter and Andrew were brothers (the sons
of Jonas),
James and John were brothers (the sons of Zebedee), and James and Judas were brothers (the sons of Alpheus). 

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