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Teaching in the Savior’s way — Missionary Training Center

Teaching in the Savior’s way:

1/ Welcome and prayer
2/ Prepare to Learn
.     • Study, ponder, pray
   • Make assignments ahead of time (scripture, a question, a story, an experience)
   • Prepare a handout
   • Focus on doctrine
3/ Interact to Edify
   • You are a facilitator, not a lecturer. Give a voice to ALL in your class
.     • Testimonies borne are testimonies strengthened
   • Prepare open-ended questions, questions that stimulate thought
   • Use scriptures, PMG, experiences, testimony
   • Involve, engage, facilitate
.     • Have class members work in groups and give reports
4/ Invite to Act
.     • DO! Change! Improve! Commit!
.     • Testify, let them receive personal revelation
5/ Examples of how the Savior actually taught:
   • Matthew 16 — Whom do men say that I am? Whom do ye say that I am?
   • The adultress and how He ‘invited’ her to change
   • Luke 13 — the bent-over woman in the synagogue
   • 3 Nephi — over 2000 felt the wounds in His hands and feet, one-by-one

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